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2 months ago

Fun, moderate, expect storms!

It has been a few years, but yes I do remember the beauty.

3 months ago

4 months ago

did this trail during June of this year (2016). it was incredible. the scramble up and down the boulder field to Cloud Peak was grueling, but the views were so worth it. the entire area around misty moon lake (and honestly the whole trail) is gorgeous as well. holds great populations of healthy brook trout, if you're into fly fishing! caught many on a tenkara rod. they were ferocious, and i really mean that. never seen fish rise in a frenzy like they were there.

If you plan on going around the time I went, BRING MOSQUITO NETS! They were so ridiculously thick that it drove us insane a few times! :)

4 months ago

Absolutely loved this trail. Lots of uphill and rocky in parts. Ended up around ten and half miles, a little over 4 hours.

5 months ago

Amazing scenery!

Beautiful. Saw many birds, small animals, and bugs. The medicine wheel itself was a sight to see. Especially if you catch a ceremony going on.

6 months ago

Best trip ever. It was so worth it.

Awesome! I added it up to be 10.2 miles for the whole loop from the parking lot. Well worth it!

Great hike, just a short trip though. Worth the effort.

just did this trail today, we drove up as far as the Black Mountain sign. From there it is approximately 1 mile up hill all the way. Lots of rocks on the trail and the last part going up to the look out required a little rock climbing. Beautiful views at the end.

7 months ago

Beautiful hike! Easy to get to the first small lake, but totally worth it to keep going an extra 3ish miles to get to willow lake. Very rocky and uphill the whole way in. Took us about 5 hours to make it in and back out. Very few people once we got passed the first small lake and beautiful high country.

Nice tree lined hike with cute little meadows and flowers along. Amazing views from the peak, well worth the last distance that does get slightly difficult due to steep and rocky. Need a 4x4 to get up 222 to the trailhead so we just hiked the 1 mi. road.

Well traveled trail with excellent fishing along the way. Easily hiked with young children to Mirror Lake.

Very nice one night backpack !!

8 months ago

Way to go Zach! For those of us who did not have a girl with us, the scenery was nice too. I did this route about seven years ago combined with the back road to South Dakota.