This billion-year-old hill is one of the oldest geological formations on earth. I

17 days ago

A good trail. Right at 5 miles, with about 1 mile of ups and downs. The rest is a very pleasant stroll in the woods. The parking area has restrooms. In state parking is $8 or $28 for the year, that includes all state parks. Out of state is slightly more. There are a number of shorter trails, good for hiking and snowshoeing.

loved the beauty of it

The red trail was killer for me. But I followed it up with the easy green trail to end my day.

Great views

1 year ago

5 minutes out of town, you feel like you're in Cascade foothills.

2 years ago

Awesome trail. Nice view of the City. Nice to visit Year round.

trail running
2 years ago

Even in the dead of winter with the trail completely covered I found this oasis in Wausau enjoyable offering nice views of the city as well as beautiful, verdant views of the forest and rolling hills. I would have given this trail more stars if it had also offered moving water and or scenic views.

3 years ago

My favorite trail to hike. There are a lot of hidden sites if the explorer is willing to dig deep.

4 years ago

Very nice set of trails, with streams, cliffs, rock scrambles - interesting geology.