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A River Runs Through It A rugged, whitewater river flowing northward through deep canyons, the New River is among the oldest rivers on the continent. The park encompasses over 70,000 acres of land along the New River, is rich in cultural and natural history, and offers an abundance of scenic and recreational opportunities.

6 days ago

Nice views.

16 days ago

strenuous hike back up from Kaymoor bottom.

Amazing! The best that West Virginia has to offer!

Fairly easy trail with amazing views! If you are afraid of heights just stay on the main trail but if you are adventurous there are many side paths that will give you all you can handle

This is a beautiful trail in a lovely area. It has multiple falls areas and informational signs. Very short but very pretty. Definitely worth the visit.

2 months ago

Easier hike with minimal incline. We parked at the second trail head and hiked to the first, then doubled back. There are several places to take in the gorgeous views of the gorge. You can even see the bridge in the distance at a couple of the overlooks. From the second trail head (and by second I mean the second you come to on Lansing-Edmond Road heading East), it is a short walk to get to the first views, so if that is your goal you can make this a much shorter hike. The stretch from the gorge's edge to the first trail head does go through some beautiful forest, though.

Simply beautiful

Long way down, even longer back up. Not worth the trip all the way down the 800 steps.

Beautiful! And it was fun for the kids to go out on the multiple overlooks along the way. Not too hard either. Love this one. Oh and the Diamond overlook is a great place to watch the sunset, just bring flashlights for the way back.

Easy family hike to a scenic overlook of the gorge.

3 months ago

Fun family hike, great views... Kids enjoyed stretching their legs on our way to NY from GA

3 months ago

like everyone says, great views! a little muddy in spots, but it just rained a few hours ago. loved it.

3 months ago


3 months ago

This is my all time favorite trail. My fiance and I have done it a couple of times. We start at the New River end and go up to Kate's Falls before we turn around. Glade Creek is beautiful the entire way. It's not a very difficult trail, but there are some parts that are usually quite muddy, so bring some good waterproof shoes/boots.

3 months ago

This is my favorite trail in the immediate Fayetteville area. Climbing accesses are cool to check out, so definitely take a look at those.

Be ready for a workout with the steps!!! Nice history.