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A visit to this quaint, historic community, at the confluence of the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers, is like stepping into the past. Stroll the picturesque streets, visit exhibits and museums, or hike our trails and battlefields. There's a wide variety of experiences for visitors of all ages, so come and discover Harpers Ferry.

great hike with amazing overlook of Harper's Ferry. challenging inclines at times. Very crowded on a nice fall day - that was the only drawback!

this was a good short hike that we decided to do at the spur of the moment with our kids... only took about 4 hours with stops with our girls but good views and educational boards on the way

Easy hike for anyone that can handle normal walking. Good views of Harpers Ferry from a couple of vantage points. From the parking lot, it was a total of 7 +- miles that takes about 4 - 4.5 hours. Good idea to take some water, as the elevation gain may leave you a tad dehydrated on the way back to the car.

Full disclosure - I did not hike the entire 18.8 miles. I began in Weverton and walked south for about 90 minutes and then headed back. (Still, 10,000 steps!) The trail is essentially a wide bike path covered in gravel. It's not a difficult walk. So, to make it difficult, I went off the path. After a good half-hour on the trail proper, I took a hard right and headed toward the river and then followed a less-maintained path along the river in the direction of Harper's Ferry. This, too, was not too difficult, and there's much more to see (and good pictures of the river, too). After an hour or so, I walked back to the gravel trail and then looked for a way to get to the railroad tracks, which run parallel to the trail. Talk about Americana! There was a freight train sitting there, so I walked alongside it. Oh, but then a train came in the opposite direction, and I thought of Stand By Me, so I moved off to the side. After the train passed and I came to the end of the idle train, it was just me, the sky, and the woods. And the tracks. Anyway, I did see birds and squirrels and a few monarch butterflies, and lemme tell you, it was cool. So the downside to this hike is that the trail is kind of dull - although it is flat and eminently walkable.

I loved this trail. Moderately challenging but very nice with good views. Not crowded at all.

Nice easy trail. I take my 4 kids (10,5,3,5 mos) down it regularly.

Nice easy trail. I take my 4 kids (10,5,3,5 mos) down it regularly.

Third hike and loved it!! The long flat walk paralleling the railroad tracks and the C&O Canal was a great start but on the way back seemed so much longer and void of views... But it was a great hike and our pups loved it too!!

This was a very easy Trekk from the parking spot off of Rt. 9 in VA. We started our hike here and stoppes in Warners Gap, MD. The keys gap section was the easiest section of our trip, is a very rocky path so make sure you have some good shoes on. We did pass 2 small camping areas that wasn't listed on the A.T. web page that looked like a nice little over night stay for someone who is looking for an easy in and out camp night.

This trail is definitely one of my favorite local hikes! It's pretty busy during the weekends but the view is well worth it. Across the river, on the brick pedestrian road, there are a few small restaurants with patio seating. I always go grab a small meal and refuel after a nice hike!

1 month ago

Going up from the cliff side is easier to get up, The other side It is straight up with a lot of rocks. If your not use to climbing try going up this side. Bring plenty of water and maybe some peanuts or beef jerky. Maybe mostly in the shade, but it is strenuous climbing. Bringing your dog, make sure you bring your dog water as well. I saw people not giving their dog water, not good for the dog either to do without. Even on the going to just the cliff, they need water! Glad I did it. Can't wait to do it again in the fall.

Very nice

Great views... Challenging hike. Definitely some good inclines! We went to lunch in Harper's Ferry afterward. Enjoyed the day :)