mountain biking
2 months ago

We did it on bikes and picnicked at the shelter about half way.

mountain biking
2 months ago

Not at all an easy mountain bike trail, but worth it for the scenery. We did not see anybody else. It took most of the day Thursday.

on Timberline Ski Resort

1 year ago

3 years ago

Keats enjoy coming up here in the winter. The lodge is always a fun time to warm up in after a cold day outside in the snow. There are many stores up here, so make sure to stock up on supplies in ale kind at latest before arriving here.

Well, it beats the Virginia areas but still not Rocky Mountain skiing.

This is a great trail for going out for a night or two. Some guides have it broke down for three nights, but you can pull it off in two easily or even one. Great shelter along a stream is a highlight and a great place to stay. Beautiful plant life in the summer and plenty of water sources. Trail can be misleading.