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Offering 6,000 acres of exciting outdoor getaways any time of year. Cacapon Resort State Park provides golfing, lake activities and hiking opportunities in West Virginia's eastern panhandle, while providing top visitor service in a first-class lodge. Cacapon (pronounced ka-KAY-pon) Resort State Park is so named because it sits within the shadows of a wide expanse of Cacapon Mountain, the highest peak in the eastern portion of the state at 2,300 feet. The mountain divides the landscape, with the park on the eastern slope and the Cacapon River winding along the base of the western slope. Cacapon is a derivative of a Shawnee Indian word meaning "medicine waters," a reference to the area's mineral waters that have been renowned through history for their healing powers. These waters come to the surface about 10 miles from Cacapon at nearby Berkeley Springs State Park.

Great trail. Our four year old son navigated it just perfectly. Lots of rocks and roots to climb over which will keep a kid's interest in climbing. He didn't noticed how high we were getting until we reached the top. Plenty of great photo ops as well with all of the moss covered boulders. The trail is marked very well with yellow dots and gives you the opportunity to chose different options in a couple of spots. We will be returning soon.

Love this hike, looking forward to doing the others.

3 months ago

Just a spur of the moment hike in a place we have never gone before. A fairly moderate hill to get started but all easy from there. Enjoyed it enough to try a few more trails in the area in the future.

I liked this trail a lot the way up was vicious, great workout. I saw a young fawn suckling his mother. I saw no other hikers but they were running the twelve hour challenge on the lower trail. I think the back side of the mountain in fall will have amazing foliage views. The top walk across the mountain was very peaceful, by far my favorite. Lookout on the lower part the sign to the trail was changed by someone and you will end up by middle fork cabins.

1 year ago

It was a very nice, easy, peaceful trail. We saw some deer just lounging around and there was plenty of beautiful scenery in the woods. I recommend this trail if you just want a calm, peaceful walk through the forrest.

This trail was actually quite strenuous, with a steep ascents and a quad crushing descent whichever way you go, as is the case with circuit hikes. Rocky, so watch the ankles. Scenery is deep deciduous forest with some potential views that would be better in winter w/no leaves. Only saw one other hiker. Deer, squirrels, normal forest birds. Very quiet and peaceful. There is a shelter at the top if you need a picnic table.

Fun time with family. We saw a family of deer and one squirrel. There is a play ground and a beach. It was a lot rocky. would not do it with a 5 year old.

This is a very enjoyable, easy, yet long hike. The climb is not 1000 as listed in the alltrails overview. If you park at the Batt Shelter, the climb is 200 feet. If you park at the lodge or at the nature center the climb is 500 feet. There are many points of entry to this loop, which makes it easier to change things up.

1 year ago

This pleasant little leg stretcher is behind the cabin area. It is a nice walk for cabin guests or one way to get to Laurel or Ziler Trails. For such a short trail, it offers a wide variety of vegetation including mixed oaks, maples, pines,mountain laurel, blueberry and flowering dogwood. There are no waterfalls, magnificent overlooks or scenic wonders but I gave it a 4 because it made me happy. If you think less of it, please forgive my enthusiasm.

From the bridge near the beach. Elevations range from 900 to 1100 feet. Trail leads past Oriskany Sandstone outcropping on Warm Springs Ridge, Indian Run. Pine and mixed hardwood trees, laurel, flowering shrubs and wildflowers in season. I did this one in October so the flowers were long gone but it was still beautiful.

You can bail out and use park roads to shorten the distance. Or get picked up. Park employees are freiindly and eager to help. Points of interest are Bear Den Rocks and a nearby crag that overlooks the broad valley between Cacapon and Sleepy Creek mountains. The trail crosses the east side of Cacapon Mountain, the north and middle forks of Indian Run and passes through mixed hardwoods, pines, blueberry bushes and various flowering plants.

1 year ago

A nice hardwood forest trail with sandstone outcroppings and boulders from which wildlife may be observed. Many flowering shrubs and wildflowers in season, but I missed all that in the cold weather. A crag overlooks Sleepy Creek Valley.

This is the shorter option of an incredible trail. Mostly pine and oak but there are several other species and even blueberries although it was too late in the year for fruit. This is a rugged trail so be ready for a workout.

Nice park and nice staff. Choose from hiking, biking, horseback, golf, dining and much more. Some of the trails are loop and some are out and back. All are well maintained. Be sure to stay on marked trails because there are hidden cliff edges.

2 years ago

We got there about a week or two early for foliage. There was a lot of yellow around but not much more. Although there is a little up and down on the trail, it is gentle. Mostly pine and oak, although I did see a few other trees. The trail is very well maintained.

This trail was gorgeous and was enough of a challenge to keep it interesting outside of the scenery. There are several good vantage points for views into/across the valley below, although I think that even the "views" opposed to the "winter views" marked on the map would be more significant after the leaves have fallen. I took Cecelia's advice and went counter clockwise on this loop, and appreciated the steeper ascent and more gradual descent. The blazes are sometimes far and few between, but the trail is well maintained and obvious (at least in early September...not sure how it would be after a fresh snowfall). There were quite a few blueberry bushes, some Mountain Laurel as the altitude increased, a few pines and alot of oaks (look out for dropping acorns!) We parked at the pond/lake fed by the North Fork Indian Run and started at the dam. I'm really excited to go back at various times of the year!

I love the trails here! Going to try to jog this one next time!

I love this park! I love the different trails!
Also close to the Sleepy Creek WMA. Nice overlooks on the south end.