Encompassing over 2,100 acres of rugged, heavily forested, mountainous terrain, Bluestone State Park provides a wide variety of water-oriented activities for guests and residents of southern West Virginia. In the midst of this wilderness park, just five miles south of Hinton, are nestled modern cabins, a campground and fine recreational facilities. The extra plus is that Bluestone is adjacent to Bluestone Lake, the state's third largest body of water. Several points of historical and recreational interest are located in the Bluestone area. For instance, famous outdoor musical dramas such as "Hatfields and McCoys," are performed at Grandview Park, near Beckley. Pipestem Resort State Park with its myriad of recreational facilities is only 10 miles to the south. Just north of the park is Bluestone Dam, Historic Hinton, and the New River Gorge National River, the center of some of the state's best whitewater rafting and canoeing. Of special note is Sandstone Falls, just north of Hinton. Bluestone National Wild and Scenic River flows into Bluestone Lake within the Park boundaries. Hunting and fishing opportunities abound at 17,632 acre

2 months ago

Cabin camping. The cabin was 2-bedroom with all the comforts of home. We were usually out hiking someplace during the day, but it was nice to come back to a comfortable bed each night. Yes, I know. It's not really camping, but we did our time in tents, and now that we're older, we deserve this. The mountains are gorgeous, and the trails were great. And the park is comparable to the Virginia state parks have been visiting over the last 35 years.

4 months ago

This area is beautiful along the water! Very secluded location, and not many people out exploring this area when I was there.