First time on this trail..

It was nice,
but it's inhabited by some creepy looking folks..

Cool day and a lot of shade make a great hike. Didn't really want to do 2 laps but I kept pushing for the workout and to build perseverance.

Think this is my fastest 2 laps so far. When I hike or walk for exercise I push myself to maintain a brisk pace on the flat and esp going up hills. Whether running or walking trying to maintain a fast pace up hills increases the workout. I also maintain a brisk pace over long periods so it increases endurance and stamina. Of course the 2nd lap I was more tired than the first and could tell I was going a little slower. But I still maintained a brisk pace that I could sustain for a long period. As I do a 2nd lap my strength and stamina does go up and down but I maintain a brisk pace even though it's a bit slower.

Pushing to go just a little faster and maintain speed increases the physical endurance and stamina and even more importantly the mental endurance and stamina. During a 2nd or 3rd lap it can be hard to not think about how tired I am. But allowing those thoughts to happen can slow me down and make me want to stop even if it's just for a few seconds. I do my best to just concentrate on the trail and watch for tripping hazards.

Hiking or walking fast for endurance and stamina on a trail you know well means that when you're out for a more leisurely walk or hike site sight seeing, shopping at a mall or taking your time on a new trail you'll have more strength and stamina over a longer period because you're not pushing your body for exercise and tiring more quickly.

Great cool day for a hike. I didn't want to do all the hills on the trail again so I walked the loop after the trail. After getting a good leg and cardio workout it was nice to keep it going a little longer walking the loop around.

Don't even get me started on all the excessive chalk lines someone made all over the trail and through the park. Making looong lines for direction when there are already arrows marking the trail, or making lines when the only option is straight on the trail. Next time tie marking ribbon on branches or use little field cones. Oh thats right, thats too much work and you don't want to clean up after yourself or a race so you did it the lazy way with chalk. Now we have to look at the chalk graffiti until the rain washes it away.

How to mark a trail with cones, ribbon or other markers: Put one marker before a junction and one after the junction to indicate straight ahead. Put one marker before a junction and one at the turn, right turn right side of the trail at the corner of the right turn, left turn left side of the trail at the corner of the turn. Or even more simple than that put your marker at the corner of the turn and no marker after that junction. But if you're not limited on markers doing it before the turn and one at the turn is helpful if you need to walk the same route back. Than when you come back to the same junction you know which way to turn and the direction is confirmed by the trail marker that is straight a little ways ahead on the trail. The person could of did the same thing making chalk dots on the trail instead of loooong unsightly lines that are going to take quite awhile to be worn away by foot traffic and rain.

2 Laps with my 20lb hiking pack and I am exhausted! All Trails and S Health said the distance was much longer than the trail really is. Other times I've done 2 laps the distance is about 1.3 miles. I guess the gps or signal on my phone wasn't working right.

Great hike with a cool breeze


2 laps cool and breezy made for a great hike

Quick fast hike for speed

3 laps, wow I'm soooo exhausted! While doing the 2nd lap I thought maybe I was a bit too sore and thirsty to do a 3rd lap. But I quit thinking about water and being sore and thought about other things to distract myself. I drank about 16oz of water on the way to the park but I should've drank a bit more. I don't like carrying a big water bottle on short 2 or 3 mile hikes. But because this trail is a circle I may leave it half way along the trail and move it when I come back around and leave it at the end. Than I can have water without carrying it the whole time.

2 laps and kinda warm but not bad with the tree canopy. Glad to get a hike in before it hits 94° today.

3 months ago

Thought about doing 2 laps but its quite warm out so I did one faster lap instead.

2 laps kinda warm but a great hike

2 laps and kinda warm but not bad with the tree canopy

Great hike with 2 laps. In the short distance this trail covers I think it has more hills than Clark's Creek. Makes a for a very good workout!

Gps messed up really bad recording a track so I didn't save it. Kinda warm, but still a great hike. Trying out a new daypack and I think it's a winner.

Great day for a hike it's cool and cloudy. Gps and google maps on my phone is still having trouble giving a precise location. It didn't have this much trouble before. I sent a message to Google through Maps app.

I start my gps before entering an area with a heavy tree canopy so my phone will keep the signal. Usually it's easier than trying to get the gps to be accurate when already under a heavy tree canopy. But today it had trouble being accurate even before I got to the park. There's a spot near the trailhead with an opening in the canopy and gps locks on very well. All the other times when I walk the short distance to the trailhead my phone is able to keep the gps signal. But today it kept losing the signal. After fooling around with it and Google Maps (to locate me) I finally gave up and just did the hike.