I can't believe it took me 3 years of living up here to discover this gem! I was just going for a short hike and was not expecting such a magnificent view! There was a lot of snow at the top but nothing that required any special gear. Definitely will be a go to hike. Go early in the morning if you prefer a solitary hike like I do.

Wanna hike ? 3602771812 Its amazing!!

This was my go to day hike when I lived in Kitsap County. It is well maintained with a wonderful view up top. The trail often has some bikers on it. For parking, the main lot requires the mountain pass, without you will have to park along the road leading up to the lot.

This is the best hike for those who live in Kitsap county but don't want to drive too far. Beautiful views and a well maintained trail. Perfect for trail running!

beautiful trail, but not for someone so out of shape and fat

Close to home, beautiful views, love that I can bring my dog

Feels awesome when you reach the top, my husband and I went all the to Vista Trail and it was more stunning from there you could see Seattle when it's not cloudy. Beautiful and we had fun.❤️

Fairly easy trail with a beautiful view of Seattle at the end. Perfect for anyone living in Kitsap County who wants a close hike that isn't boring.

Good, moderate hike. Took about 50 minutes to get to the top. Great view of Seattle from there. At the top, there's a table if you want to use for your lunch.

The creek is like within the first 15 mins of it. Moderately steep most of the way up but it's not horrible. Beautiful view when you get up to the top

You need a pass to park or else it's $100 for the ticket. Very disappointed I traveled to be told I couldn't park.

Did this hike 1 1/2 yrs ago and the only vista was at the very top looking east to Bremerton, Sound, Seattle, Bellevue, & Cascades. Now, they logged to the north; so as your about 3/4 of the way going north, there is this great vista looking north with Hood Canal, Sound, North Olympics in view. Spectacular! One recent reviewer complained about the "clear cutting." But firs are a renewable resource and the resulting view is spectacular! Enjoyed the hike much more this time. Only complaint was losing the trail at the bottom - not well marked; lot of branching trails - and going back on the north side of Gold Creek and having to walk about 1/10 of mile along highway to parking lot. Recommend noting carefully landmarks from "main trail" to gold creek trail up the mountain.

6 months ago

Definitely not a wilderness area but I did have green mountain horse camp all to myself for 2 days which was awesome. Overall there's a few good views and some really nice sections of trail. It's close to home I'll definitely be back.

would have Got more stars if the best view wasn't overlooking clear cut tree area

Not good walking trail
Better for horse and biking