It was a fun quick hike ☺️

Historic Ghrist mill on the loop makes it interesting.

Great leisurely hike

Perfect little trail for running!

nice easy trail for everyone.

Great trail for all skill levels, bike riders and walking your dog. Great views and many good photography opportunities.

cool little hike everything leads back to each other


Easy hike on a pretty well maintained and easily navigable trail. it's is shared by lots of equestrians so you constantly have to walk around horse feces including in the parking lot even though a wheel barrow and shovel is provided for horse owners to clean their horse's mess. Old cobble/river rock foundation grist mill on trail. Would rate it more 4 star if it wasn't for the over abundance of horse feces.

Hot day, good trail. Saw turtles.

5 months ago

Nice and easy. Well used path. No fees to park

road biking
5 months ago

It is a really pretty ride. There is a really good view of Mt. Hood at the beginning of the hike. A side trail splits off about half way through and is non-paved route good for easy mountain biking.

Not bad for paved city trail, popular lots of bikes, paved great for kids

6 months ago

Nice asphalt trail with a few side trails that are not asphalt. Wide enough to accommodate the flow of traffic which consists of walkers, runners, skaters and cyclists. It's a perfect trail for manual wheelchair users. The wildlife is plentiful as well.

A swell forest hike for being so close to suburbia. Quite a bit of mud even on a dry day, and a couple of inclines that might prove to be challenging for the less experienced or very young.

That being said, the trail is swamped with horse patties, given that it's open to equestrian usage. This isn't as bad on the side trails (Stone Mill Trail, for instance, was relatively clear) but the central/primary trail in the area (the North/South Connector) had a 'gift' every dozen yards or so. My wife and I wondered what these poor horses are being fed.

The signage, while definitely present, can be a tad misleading. This isn't a huge problem, but at a couple of junctions the arrows depicted on the signs were outright wrong. But still -- who doesn't enjoy being lost in the woods?

Issues aside, I'll definitely be back.