Great walk for inclement weather. We plan to return to see all four seasons.

5 months ago

Nice little nature walk! Great for kids.

There were only a few people out today, so there were a lot of animals that were out and about. The trail didn't have much of an incline and made for a very nice run. The boardwalk was dry and very nice and there were a lot of flowers everywhere. I'll definitely be coming back!

Not a single person on the trail this day, lol. Trail was clear, but icy. Boardwalk was frosted over and super slick. Plants and trees were frosted and oh so pretty. Enjoyed the day out with the family.

I love this trail, nearby work, can be done on a lunch hour. Most of it is on wood pathways. Lots of wildlife, birds, butterflies, rabbits, ducks and heron (on a good day).

March 2015 still closed. Tried to go there this morning. :(

went today trail closed for maintenence.