Moderate trail. I would go back simply because the view is amazing once you reach to the top. Don't forget to sign in. :)

Not overly impressed. It's a decent trail, but do go here if you expect to be blown away scenic wise. Although it's maintained pretty well.

6 months ago

the view from the top is beautiful.

7 months ago

Challenging, and great workout! I love the view and would do it again for the workout and gorgeous view at different seasons!

Difficult, really challenging for me, but the view was worth it!!!

11 months ago

Tuesday 2-16-2016: My wife and I drove to Ellensburg looking for the sun. And we found it. In fact it was so hot in the sun that we took a shady trail on the way down. We climbed Westberg Trail and came down Boy Scout Trail. The trail was mostly covered with slushy snow. We used MicroSpikes, but we saw many people hiking without any traction device. It was a fun day in the sun.

the directions led us to the middle of a farm on a narrow rocky dirt road 37 minutes from the actual trailhead. very aggravating to have to drive backwards because of directions that are given. Will write a review when we actually get to the trail and hike it, an hour behind schedule. so annoying.

I went looking for this trail as I was pretty sure that I hiked it as a kid (maybe 30years ago), the directions for the trail today have to be completely wrong!! The directions send you east of Ellensburg when I thought it was west of Eburg.

4 out 5 based off an exercise point of view, the steepness really makes a great workout. The view was good as a first time view. Would do this hike again merely because it was a great workout.

The trail description says it is mainly used for mountain biking. I have to say, I have yet to see a mountain bike on this trail if you come up from the Ellensburg side which I think is the main trail. It is a steep hike, but once you get to the top, you have great views. A good "exercise" hike.

3 years ago

Jan. 3, 2014. It was a beautiful sunny clear day so I could see the entire valley. The wind was cold at the top even though it was in the low 40's. The trail has four hill climbs, the third being the steepest. Note to self, the trail would be muddy and slick ( especially coming down) if it were to thaw or after a rain. Go on a dry or frozen day. We passed many people with happy dogs. Water and hiking poles are really all that you need to take. There are several memorials at the top and a geocache or an ammo container with a tablet and pens to sign at the rock pile. An exhilarating hike! Will do it again.

I've hike this trail several times now and still see new things . It is a very popular fitness trail for locals so expect to meet several. The Boyscout trail offers some wooded areas and switch backs and is less populated so I prefer it, but I still think of this as more of a training trail than a true nature hike. It is fairly steep at points and is perfect for breaking in those early spring legs.

The directions linked with this trailhead are incorrect. The trailhead is actually off Manastash Road (turn south onto Cove Road) and into the parking area. This hike is very popular with the Ellensburg community and rare is the day that you don't meet other hikers along the way. There are two ways up to the ridge, the more open and steep trail which crosses the irrigation canal, or the Boy Scout Trail which parallels the canal initially then heads up and into a more covered trail to the top.