trail running
2 months ago

Really good! Had a hard time finding the start... Parked in the park and ride and ran UP 108th-one tenth of a mile it appeared in my left! Easy to run on; almost completely flat. Did the full 5! Scenic views of the water on my way out!

Neat. Easy. Light traffic.

4 months ago

Nice wooded area close by 405 in South Kirkland. Popular with nearby neighbors walking the dog, and trail runners. Trails are short, and van get loud on the waste side near the freeway.

trail running
4 months ago

Short set of loop trails in a wooded area just west of 405 in Kirkland, near the 520 interchange. Why mention the freeways? That's part of what you'll hear on this trail. 405 is just on the other side of the wall on the eastern section of the loop. On the west side is a steep ravine draining down toward Lake Washington and a creek draining into the wetlands and said lake. It is a nice trail run or walk for locals in the neighborhood and their dogs.

5 months ago

5/3/2016 (Tuesday) - This part is rarely used by serious hikers because of its small size, mainly used by local residents for walking dogs or meditation. Pleasant woody trails and interesting terrain for half to one hour's walk. Its western slope is very steep, but a broad road stretches down to the bottom the ravine, where there is a running creek.

Been visiting this park for years for a quick nature walk. Lots of points of entry. Heading down to the stream at the bottom gives you a nice quick hike back up to the Peace Sign. Fun to explore all the trails.

Nice for when you want to take an easy stroll with your family or even bike without worrying about cars. There's a little off path trail through the trees that I absolutely LOVE! It's about half a mile both ways maybe a little more. It's on the left right before the last bridge type structure. It's a man made path so be someone cautious of that but on a scale of 1-10 it's difficulty level is probably a 3 haha. Worth it though! I'll include pictures.

They've taken out the tracks and the trail is usable now for walking, running and biking, butt the surface is still unfinished.