The Wallace Falls State Park Management Area is a 4,735-acre camping park with shoreline on the Wallace River, Wallace Lake, Jay Lake, Shaw Lake and the Skykomish River. Located on the west side of the Cascade Mountains, the park features a 265-foot waterfall, old-growth coniferous forests, and fast- moving rivers and streams. Opportunities to view local wildlife, including cougar near Wallace Falls, and peregrine falcons inhabit the rock cliffs of the Index Town Wall

Easy access to parking and trail. Beautiful views of waterfalls, river, and mountains. There's a lot of up hill trail to get to the middle and upper falls but it's very doable even if you don't consider yourself "in shape." We did not do the part of the trail that leads to the lake but plan on going back and checking it out. There are some really cute cabins near the trails, you can rent them by the day/night if your looking to make a weekend of it.

9 days ago

I'm not beginner hiker. I have to say it's touchest hike i've done. the trail is hard to find and follow. the last part of the trail is very steep. it took us more than 2 hours to reach the lake. Made it back to my car right before complete dark. me and my dogs are exhausted. we saw only one hiker on the logging road returning after failed attempt to find the trail.

Like others have mentioned, the trail is very well kept and in surprisingly good shape with all the rain. The hike itself progresses from easy to challenging as you pass the lower falls and make your way up.

Hiked with my two small dogs on a Friday. I met only one person on the greg ball trail and 6 persons around the lake.

Beautiful shaded trail with plenty of elevation changes. Took about 2 hours.

1 month ago

The Wallace falls trail has beautiful views with plenty of sun cover that makes for a great hike with the family. Round trip to Middle Falls took 2 hours which included a quick lunch break at lower falls, a few stops to take in the sights along the way and letting my 15mo daughter work on her hiking legs for a short stretch of trail. Wear layers because you may start cold but the moderate grades on this trail will definitely generate some heat and you will want to strip a layer or two... unless you only have two layers... then stripping two layers may not go well for you.

1 month ago

Beautiful hike. Arrived around noon on a Sunday and only seen a handful of people on the way up. More people than expected on the way down. Good hike to work up a sweat. Continue past upper falls and follow the blue diamond markers and turn right once you get to the dirt road, you can either go left and continue 2 miles to the lake or right to go to another lookout bride.

It was an amazing hike. Easy beginning until middle falls. Middle falls are the most beautiful part of the hike. After middle falls, it becomes more difficult but is totally worth going for the valley overlook and bragging rights of completing the entire hike. Be prepared to sweat between the middle and upper falls. Coolest part was walking through a cloud.

Awesome hike between easy and moderate. Total distance from parking lot till the lake is 10.5 miles, which is bit more, than we expected. Discover pass required , might be bought on the parking lot (10$ 1 day pass or 30$ annual)

Beautiful hike. Easy access and well marked path.

Lovely hike through second growth trees, ferns, and rain forest greenery. Trail follows the river, but the other choice is the wider, level, railroad grade. Most of the elevation gain is after middle Falls to upper Falls... high steps and some rocks , but the views are worth it!- trail in good condition even in the rain, there was not much mud!

Great hike.

2 months ago

Love this hike. Mostly nice path which has handrails at certain points, bridges and steps. Between the middle and highest falls there are more tree trunks and rocks but easy to step over. The best view is at the middle falls but it's still beautiful going to the top to look out over the canopy of trees. Lots of hikers from babies on backpacks to the elderly with walking sticks and dogs on leashes. Listening to the water running nearby is certainly relaxing. A "Y" in the path will take you either to the highest falls or Wallace Lake. Many posted signs to help with the directions and miles. There is even a handy outhouse.