amazing trail

4 days ago

very easy trail. I would suggest to wear water proof shoes with traction because the falls cause parts of the trail to be very muddy. Especially the part that goes behind the water fall. I went there in the fall time, so a lot of the foliage had no leaves. But, I would imagine it would be absolutely beautiful in late spring and early summer.

on Twin Falls Trail

5 days ago

Like many have said, the first section of this hike to the falls is quite easy and very reasonable even with a dog. That's when the fun ends because the remaining 1/4 of the hike distance gains double the hike elevation. The part remaining after the falls is on par with mailbox and took me double the time to reach the summit. When I hiked there was snow obstructing the trail but once you reach that point it's all up hill.

I ended up lost going down as a result of the conditions but was able to find my way down the longer way which had quite a good amount of snow covering it. The long way down was an old logging road which has some great views of the valley as well as some interesting rock formations in the cut out walls. The long way down was much nicer on my knees but it did increase the total distance of the hike to near 12mi so be aware of that.

6 days ago

7 days ago

Beautiful trail, well maintained with moderate traffic. Distance and elevation are good for an early season warm up.

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8 days ago

8 days ago

Beautiful trail with lots of water views. Pretty easy but not boring, a good hike to get back into the season.

13 days ago

Beautiful falls! 3/4 of trail is muddy and has some icy areas! Overall this trail is really nice despite the mud, ice and a few downed limbs!

17 days ago

Amazing trail with phenomenal views of the 2 waterfalls. Be careful on cold icy days, the trail can be completely frozen, so traction footwear is a must on those days. On days that are wet, the trail can get very muddy. There are some gains in elevation, but nothing too crazy. The views of the waterfall is amazing, it's worth all the hiking. Once you reach the first big waterfall, enjoy it and keep going for about a few hundred feet, there will be another waterfall.

This should be categorized as point to point not out and back. Completing the whole trail gets you to another trail entrance.
The trail is in very rough condition. Tons of downed trees in the path that have been there for an obviously long time. Lots of erosion, likely from too many hikers making "shortcuts". It's in a pretty sad state.
The bridge is pretty and the river is gorgeous but it's so overcrowded and you hear I-90 the whole hike you're really not immersed in nature whatsoever.

26 days ago

Extremely icy in the winter, but the falls are worth the icy hike.

27 days ago

Awesome trail if you like going up in a hurry after the falls. It was my first time going to the top via this route. I have always in the past taken the logging roads to the top but it so far for a 5 pm trailhead start. This was an after work hike. It was a clear trail all the way to falls. Not too much more vert until we hit patchy snow, and then a crusted trail. There have been enough people up that there is steps kicked in frequently enough that you can make it up without traction. It was a full effort to make with our fully packed mountaineering packs in excess of 60 lbs. The top section, (est. last 300-400 verticle feet) we used our ice axes due to snow conditions and terrain features. If you had crampons or micro spikes you could probably get by. You would definitely need them coming back down. Due to the time element, we decided to don our snow shoes and go back down via the logging road. Much more snow on that side of the hill. Total time up was 3:15 hours and 2:30 hours return. Estimate about 12 total miles using this route. Probably could have saved some time if we would have put traction on but sometimes it's more fun to be a little more technical. Will be doing this trail quite frequently throughout winter as it appears a little less avalanche risk due to the terrain. Please take this as my observation and only my observation. I have never seen this trail in daylight, only under headlamps and during the conditions that I was presented with. I was very happy to be properly prepared with a full pack of equipment as we needed more than most trails in areas have required so far this season. I would say this is not the best trail for someone who would consider themselves not in shape. From the falls up, it is steep and depending on snow conditions, slippery making foot placement and concentration important. Equipment used, ice ax and snow shoes. Recommend having crampons or micro spikes if not packing too much weight depending on snow conditions.