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The 13,745-acre Tiger Mountain State Forest, including the West Tiger Mountain Natural Resources Conservation Area, is one of DNR's most well known forests. As a working forest, Tiger Mountain State Forest is managed by DNR to provide sustainable revenue in support of public services.

Difficult if you are not in shape, but a great hike!

Discover Pass required for this hike. Nice parking area, covered port a potties, lots of mile markers/ signs..More of a walking trail then a actual hike. Great for all skill levels, mostly flat with no incline. Dogs on leash welcome. If your like me you can take trails off of the main trail to accumulate more footage/miles.

Was fun for me.

There aren't many viewpoints but this is a very lush and beautiful area. Our biggest complaint with this trail was the amount of horse poop present. There were narrow parts of the trail that were very difficult to get around the piles. You constantly had to be looking at the ground to make sure you weren't going to step in anything because it was just about every minute that you would run into another pile. We ended up hiking the forest road down and then onto Tiger Mountain Rd SE back to our car just so we wouldn't have to deal with it. Doing this actually brought us to a nice viewpoint where we were able to overlook the valley and see other mountains in the distance. Overall this is not a bad hike, we just wish there was better trail etiquette from the equestrian riders.

Nice, easy, well maintained trail/loop. Got a little confused as the loop was made up of several individual trails. Kids should like the swamp trail with the 'Zoe the raccoon' adventure.

First time hiking here. This is a great cardio hike with fun at the top watching the paragliding. All of the people and their dogs were very nice. Only 6 miles away from home. This will be my to go to hike.

1 month ago

We finished thank god cause in our way up we run into a mountain lion and it growl at us!!!It was pretty scary thank god wer ok!Pls this is a serious post,we reported it.We always carry beat spray and knives.Be careful on your hikes.Till the next time...be safe!!

Great nature scene.

1 month ago

Steep trail but a great workout. Love watching the paragliders jump off the top! This trail gets crowded so I would go early or during the work week