Awesome trail! Just hiking or use as running trail. Lake Washington as your view makes the workout worth it!

Great trail for daily hiking

Easy hike. Great for kids, dogs and bikes.

I love this place

Beautiful Park, Church, trails down to water. Need Discovery pass

would not recommend this trail to anyone.

Wasn't maintained, wouldn't do this hike again.

very well maintained.

Beautiful hike on a beautiful Seattle day

Great afternoon hike with the kids and our dog. Fun walk to the water and a good little work out getting back up. We approve.

Such a pretty place! The little hike down to the water was easy enough for kids and a lovely little space for a picnic at the bottom.

Super good trail, the most difficult trail is a little bit challenging, but pretty interesting!

road biking
8 months ago


mountain biking
9 months ago

I have been coming to St Ed's and Big Finn for a few years now and I have never been disappointed. Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter - ride any time of the year. You know your comfort level of course. This is the first winter I have biked here and if you can deal with cold and wet you will be fine. Again being my first winter here it was muddy, cold, wet, fun. I love those conditions! I go out for a few hours at a time, come back covered in mud and happiness. You have can take an easy path, a more aggressive path, or for more of a challenge hit the little mountain bike trails. The trails do get very slick. If you are NOT an experienced biker, take these trails slower. Even old vets like myself will sometimes get a little over zealous and fly off the trail.

This is great for hikers too! I usually hike to Lake Washington in the early mornings. You will see other hikers and walkers, however I do not start to see bikers until later in the day. Although the park states that dogs must be on leash, 9 out of 10 dogs are not. I personally do not care, however others might. I have never had an issue with an animal of any kind in this area EVER. The worst thing was a large dog startled me while I was chilling on my hammock. No worries. He was very curious about me.

Many friendly people on the trail, (and many not so friendly). No matter, you will have a great time. Please remember to be courteous, use trail etiquette, common sense and leave no trace.

Once last thing, the summer time this park packs up. Get there early, check for events and don't forget your Discovery Pass.

I provided an additional link via WTA.

Have a great time!

10 months ago

This is a nice easy day walk/hike trail system. Trail leads you to the lake, which is a great spot to relax half way through.