I mean that's ok to hike bur If u are expecting something to see at the top that is definitely a wrong hike for u. Because at the top u are gonna just see couple of huge antennas. But I love the trail and also it is not to crowded this time of the year. Have fun.

Moderate trail, pretty sustained uphill to the fireplace. Wish it was interpreted, I would've loved to have known more about the fireplace.

I would consider this more of a moderate trail as it's constant uphill to the fireplace. It's nice and quiet for a Friday morning walk/hike.

Not a bad hike. If you choose to summit Squak the last half mile is the toughest part of this trail. Pretty lightly used.

Nicely maintained trail and easy to find. I would definitely say this is a moderate intensity trail. Especially for the last .6 before you get to the fireplace. No views at the top, but it was cool to see the fireplace.

No people and a beautiful peaceful trail. Stopped at "Debbies View" were there is a great view of Rainer, other than that deep lush forest and a couple places were there was a creek for my pup to play in! ;) Easy to get lost or mixed up at the trail intersections so pay attention!

Challenging on the final 1/4 but a major letdown at the summit with weak views and an telco tower 'buzzin'

5/25/2016 (Wednesday) - Solo, 8:20-12:50, cloudy, 55-60, 7 miles. I took East Ridge Trail up to the Central Peak, starting from Sunrise PL trailhead. The trails on the northeastern side may be most rarely used and maintained among all trails on Squak Mountain. Some sections have become very narrow and covered by dense undergrowths. The switchbacks of East Ridge Trail are the best and more pleasant section, with views from the gaps of the straight trees.

5/14/2016 (Saturday) - This should be the easiest trail for going up to the upper part of Squak Mountain, because it starts from a high elevation as compared with other trailheads. The trail is broadest and in the best condition as compared with others. I think the Bullitt family should mainly use this path to go to their house, which now only leaves its fireplace as the landmark on the mountain. It is gently graded and has a good draining condition. The trailhead has a map produced by King County. About a dozen of cars can be parked there.