Great hike for kids - minimal elevation but easily accessible and a beautiful stroll through the woods.

3 months ago

Very short loops, about half a mile, pretty woods

4 months ago

Tried the trail on the right side of the road, confusing and not well hiked, lots of side trails. It was nice seeing a young guy out there fixing up the muddy part. Defiantly gave him entertainment for the evening trying to get back through the mud in flip flops

5 months ago

It's easy for kids! There is an inner loop that is about .9 miles that was great for the kids. It's nice you fill like you are secluded in the woods but you are in the city.

It was confusing. A part of the trail was all broken woods and mud. If you are carry a baby backpack, make sure you have hiking boots for the mud. The nice thing about it is you feel like you are actually in the woods.

Nice little walk in the woods, tucked into a bunch of residential neighborhoods. Short, but close.

Not the best for avid hikers, but good place to surround yourself with trees and the outdoors for a short walk.

6 months ago

The inner short loop is super easy & great for little kids but if you go the longer loop it's got areas where you have to scrabble up hill so not as easy with little ones or if you have lots of gear. The tire swing was missing the tire & it goes out off a slight cliff so only for the "not faint of heart".

I did this trail with Hike it baby. We had 3 moms with 2-3 year old and a 10 month old. The kids had a great time lots to explore and touch. Highly recommend for kids.

Great trail, fun, lots of paths, cool foliage and growth.

little tiny one. super short hike. we did it twice for the cardio.

A pleasant hike and a fun place to photograph in any season.

3 years ago

The trail is super easy and relatively flat with very slight hills in a forest environment. The pros about this route: there are numerous trails between the inner and outer loop that connect so this could take a few hours if you wanted to go on every little side trail, the trail is clearly defined and very easy to walk so people run and walk their dogs with ease. It is also close to the road where you park your car so if you get lost just listen for the sound of traffic. The cons: there are so many side trails that it is very easy to get turned around and there are no signs indicating where you are (except at the very beginning). Park is very limited and is exposed to the road so be sure to keep an eye out when you're near the trail head as it is easy to miss.

I really enjoyed walking on this trail and would love to do it again.

4 years ago

Nice to take the dog for a walk in a nice wooded area, but no scenery worth noting...