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The Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest in Washington is a National Forest extending more than 140 miles along the western slopes of the Cascade Range from the Canada–US border to the northern boundary of Mount Rainier National Park.

2 days ago

Great hike! Steep uphill start.... keep going as it gets easier... beautiful scenery all the way

Amazing winter hike. Especially cool with the falls almost frozen.

the views were amazing!

Great place! Late spring is beautiful!

10 days ago

Snow camping for 4 days. It was an expedition. There was nothing like waking up in the morning with the mountain all to yourself. Fun and crazy. Would I do it again? Maybe in 2 years.

We went hiking this afternoon it started snowing made it almost to the falls but with all the new snow fall the trail was starting to fade and we started sliding really bad from the fresh powder, since we were backpacking with our two year old we turned around. We did have microspikes thankfully which were needed up the trail. There were a few people they mostly had snow shoes which probably would have helped to make it to the falls.

10 days ago

Beautiful hike for the winter time definitely my favorite spot yet. The waterfall was amazing.

Very challenging I loved it!! Beautiful view as well. Pays off!

15 days ago

One of the best trails I've hiked yet. Absolutely gorgeous in the winter time. Wore regular hiking boots and they worked for me just fine, just got a little tricky in a couple soft spots. Didn't end up finishing this hike but hopefully I'll be back soon!

Don't even try to drive your sedan to the trailhead parking lot. There's like 30 cars piled back trying to wait for someone in a sedan that can't make a k turn. Park far enough away from the trailhead to get out.


People are parking on the side of the road when people can't even make turns down it. They made the road into a one way. People should seriously be towed. I try to always have a seriously courteous hiking spirit with my fellow outdoorsy people but this is absolutely a joke.

The pictures are gorgeous and it's good bang for your buck but it is not worth it with these New Years resolutioners destroying any possibility of having a mutually respectful experience.

Will try again when everyone gives up on their hiking goals and the Seattle times article is a few more weeks in the past.

17 days ago

17 days ago

Moderate intensity, scenery is beautiful

Hiked on 12/30 with good traction hiking boots and trekking poles. Snow covered path all the way with few slippery steeper spots. Microspikes recommended.

18 days ago

Never been anywhere near here before. Camped along the Skykomish, didn't even know this place existed. About 5 miles off the highway, great day hike. Pretty easy footing and well taken care of, great trail for all ages. Peaceful, quiet, serene this is a fantastic little add to our camp out. Side note, there are two checkin points. First one is for campers, the second is actually for the trail walkers. For the avid fisherman, there are some fish in the lake.

19 days ago

Be prepared for snow/ice terrain, beautiful once you get to the waterfall well worth it!

20 days ago

Love this hike both spring and winter! Nice and easy trail until the end, right before the waterfall. A bit tricky during spring and even trickier during winter. Tip: wear gloves and hold onto branches and exposed roots to help you get down that last bit.

So worth the hike! I didn't like the fall too much during spring and regular season, doesn't look too impressive compared to other waterfalls. But this place is magnificent during the winter!

And another thing if you click to follow the direction from here and it takes you to maps, it tells you to take exit 52. Don't, the road is closed off by snow. Take exit 47 instead and follow the signs. It takes you straight for Franklin Falls. And that's actually the exit we took when I went with family.

The road to the trailhead from exit 53 is shut down, but the road was easily hikeable. With photogenic spits on each end, it's hard to beat for an easy stroll.