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The Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest in Washington is a National Forest extending more than 140 miles along the western slopes of the Cascade Range from the Canada–US border to the northern boundary of Mount Rainier National Park.

7 days ago

The snow amplified the beauty for this hike. It was serene and incredible. Could not see much while at the peak due to heavy cloud coverage but there is rewarding scenery buried in the trees. Great hike.

Definitely one of my favorites, the change in environment is consistent from dense forests to nothing but straight rock (fist sized gravel) that you climb through the last bit till you reach summit. Full panorama view of all mountain ranges from every direction. True mystic!

We went thanksgiving day 2016 and it was one of the most BEAUTIFUL things I've ever seen!! there was snow about 2 miles in and 4 miles up there was snow everywhere and the waterfall

We did this by mistake thinking we were going to Snow Lake near Mount Rainier and were wholly unprepared. Our intent was to take engagement pictures but after it not being a stroll in the woods I was getting cranky and pissed. However, once we got to the top, it was so worth it! We ended up getting AMAZING pictures. We went on a weekend and it wasn't horribly crowded either, though this was a while ago we went.

11 days ago

The trail is like others have said, very beautiful. So many waterfalls the first 3/4th of the hike. Then you get to enjoy the deadness of the snow. So breath taking. The lake itself is small and the look out point is meh. Toward the very end the trail is easily lost in the snow and gets quite narrow. I went on a Monday and only saw 2 people which was nice.

This was a nice hike. It was a bit tough but very manageable if you're in decent shape. Many people say there is a scramble right before the lake, I wouldn't really describe it as such, more of just less-maintained path for a 1/2 mile or so. I would definitely recommend adding the extra mile or so to see bridal veil falls on the way up. It rained the whole way for us so we were pretty cold and wet by the time we got to the lake so we didn't end up spending much time there. I'd try to get an early start as the trail gets pretty crowded on the weekends.

13 days ago

Amazing trail. Made the hike in August and in November and really enjoyed both trips. Lots of small waterfalls and the side trail to Source Lake is short but worth it if you want to make the trip a little longer. Definitely go all the way down to Snow Lake and don't just turn around at the top of the trail. Absolutely spectacular views of the mtns and lake.

Nice trail with many streams and small waterfalls. Good trail for dogs and kids. The elevation gain is gradual. Easy to access from i90.

13 days ago

Great trail for dogs and young kids. Easy hike with little elevation gain. Most of the trail is along a nice river. Barclay lake is beautiful. Made the hike in late November and the trail was still in good condition.

on Little Si Trail

14 days ago

Great workout. ...be sure to go to the top of the Haystack, especially on a clear day.

on Little Si Trail

14 days ago

on Little Si Trail

14 days ago

Great hike up, stopped at the bridal veil falls on the way up, definitely worth it, would recommend doing this on the way up as you might not want to on the way back down! Will have to do this on a dry clear day as we didn't get much of a view in the November rain!

Pretty strolly hike for the first 1.3 miles; fairly steep leading up to the peak. Nice views of the surrounding town area. Fairly busy.

This is a hard trail, but it's worth all the pain. Don't go on a weekend--way too crowded to be enjoyable

A little harder than I expected

What a wonderful day for a hike. There was no snow for the first mile and a half, but after that be ready for a cold weather. Aw long as you love snow and have work cloths you should be fine. There was so much snow pass Denny Creek. It was breathtaking.

20 days ago

Awesome hike. There was about a foot of snow on the ground and it started snowing while we were on the top, but we had just the right visibility before the clouds started to settle around the peak.

I definitely recommend shoes geared more towards snow and better traction. The shoes I had were not even slightly water proof- but the hike was definitely worth it.