Shine Tidelands State Park is a 13-acre day-use park with 5,000 feet of tideland along Bywater Bay. At high tide, there is little beach available to the visitor.

3 months ago

Beautiful and quiet beach. No one was there.

6 months ago

It's not so much a trail as a walk along the beach, but it is beautiful. Wear shoes that can handle wetness as it is a tidal marshland in parts. Beautiful vistas of Hood Canal and the surrounding landscapes. Quiet and filled with wildlife. We watched an eagle scout for its breakfast from a low toppled tree. The dog and I got about 30'feet from it before it flew to a higher perch. Then it dazzled us with its flight above us and expert dive for its meal. Highlight of my day!

Note for those with dogs, there are no trash cans at the trail head so be prepared to take any "doggie bags" home with you.

2 years ago

This trail is labeled as 8 miles and moderate. Depending on which trailhead you start from, the max distance is 4 miles round trip (if that). You can park at the Shrine Tidelands State Park, but you'll need to pay the user fee. If you also go about a mile up the road to Seven Sisters Road and take that to the end. Free parking, not to mention a cool drive in an old-growth forest, but a shorter hike overall (unless you go down to the state park as well).

That being said, this quiet beach is very nice. Not another person in site. Lots of birds and at low tide you are able to wade and see tons of shore crabs and hermit crabs. I look forward to going back during shellfish harvesting season. Lots of big oysters and clams just waiting to be eaten!

Loved this! There was no one in site, the beach was beautiful, the birds were amazing, and the small tide pools were great. I enjoyed every minute of it!