Hiked this the day after the "big" wind storm. We got about 1/4 mile past prospect and ran into a number of large trees uprooted and across the trail. Climbed over a few then decided to turn back. Only saw a handful of other people on the trail. It's a nice steady hike on a smooth trail.

17 days ago

It was difficult enough but it is wayyy too crowded. I like to go to the woods to get away from people.

Relatively easy hike that is packed with tourists. Amazing views at the ledge though.

very easy hike and beautiful sceneries in the woods as well as top

Did a late hike up here to get some sunset photos. This hike is way too popular to do during the day but in the evening it was nice. Had to hike down in the dark with a headlamp, was really fun.

1 month ago

This was my first hike in years. The payoff at the top was brief taking.

Amazing view from the top. Trail was pretty easy to do. Make sure to come early because it gets packed later around 11am on the weekend.

Lots of great things about this trail: it was easy to find, there's a lake at the bottom where my dog swam, and nice views from the top. There are no difficult spots (climbing up or over anything nor walking close to a ledge) but it's easy to make the trail harder and a better workout by going quickly during the climb. There were lots of people and lots of dogs, probably 80% off leash. After only two miles, you've got a great view from the top!

love the sound of creek.

1 month ago

Loved the views

Very pretty at the top! Great hike for beginners to determine what elevation you prefer. The only downside is how crowded this trail is on the weekends. It gets so crowded to the point where you are following a train of people. Will be back during the work week.

Came back since I missed the summit last time. Unless you like seeing acres of twisted stumps and dead branches where the lumber industry has left its mark...or like radio towers...there really are MUCH better hikes along I-90.

Really nice place, steep hike, narrow trail, lotsa dogs and friendly people and last but not the least the views from the top is breathtaking especially in the mornings when it is cold and rainy !

1 month ago

Good hike, trail is well maintained. Went on a cloudy day so the view wasn't great.