This is a well-kept, well-travelled trail. The opening jaunt through the forest is pleasant on a cool morning, but the beach itself is heavily occupied (at least during my visit in late July). Traveling beyond Third Beach requires some steep and slippery rope and plank climbs, but the rewards beyond are spectacular columns off the shore with significantly more privacy.

Hike through a rain forest to a beach with views of distant stone monoliths.

Don't use location on this map until it's updated. The campgrounds can easily be reached by inputing it on Google maps. The location listed above will lead you down a 4 1/2 mile heavily wooded trail that ends in a dead-end. The actual Mora campgrounds are great. 96 spots in all. Cost is 20 bucks for the night. Fire pit with grill tops and dogs ok. Highly recommended for those wanting a chill spot close to Railto Beach.

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1 year ago

The hike down was amazing! The view amazing. Very secluded and private. Overall the hike down and up was the best part. The beach was not as spectacular as Second Beach.

2 years ago

Great camping grounds, with lots of loops and different array of sites to choose from. Had trouble starting fire because of moisture, and honestly, inexperience. Great times.

me and my buddies did Third Beach to Hoh river. took us two days but was one of the best hikes i have ever done

It is good for what it is. We went further and the trail was really muddy.

When we drove up to the parking area, my heart sank. There were so many cars there that I almost turned around and went back home. I'm glad we didn't! We only saw 3 or 4 people on the trail and almost no one on the beach. We watched seals bobbing just offshore and found a secluded spot to just relax. The trail is well-marked and easy to navigate. You feel so remote at this beach. A beautiful place.

The trail itself is nothing great, however, it is a gateway to some incredible scenery along the Olympic Peninsula coastline.

NO DOGS ALOUD. we went here bc the description said dogs. When we got there with our dog, there were signs all over saying no dogs. Really muddy so wear boots. We just went a little ways in and figure we better turn around after we saw about the 5th no dog sign.