Potholes State Park is a 640-acre camping park with 6,000 feet of freshwater shoreline on Potholes Reservoir (also known as O'Sullivan Reservoir). Potholes Reservoir is often confused with the Pothole Lakes themselves, which are a 30- to 45-minute drive from the park. The terrain is desert with freshwater marshes.

beautiful place to adventure into with some good fishing. If you are a bird watcher there is plenty to spy.

My hubby & I LOVED this place for "car camping" There are lots of placed to pitch your tent, the weather was warm ,the water clean, and if you forget something, it's nearby. The nearest campers were at least a 1/2 mile away. We will definitely be going back,and from the carcasses of walleye on the beach the fishing looks good too!If your looking for sun & to just get away from it all, this might be your spot! Our only mishap was figuring out how to get to the water/reservoir , it's not really "marked", so we took a couple of wrong roads & had to turn around. At times, we felt like we may have been trespassing on private property(I don't think now that we were) literally driving through peoples corn fields to find the camp spots, but persistence & GPS does pay oiff!:)

Potholes is more of an open area than just a trail. As long as you find yourself a marker to know where you've parked, you can easily wander all over the place with no compelling reason to stay in any area.

Wildlife abounds, especially along the water's edge. Numerous birds take flight, roost or laze about in or near the water.

It's an enjoyable place to be.
(Bring water, it can be very hot due to lack of natural shade.)