Beautifully maintained space.

1 month ago

Low tide.......can't beat it. Amazing

One of my favorite places. Love to walk around the point on Owen Beach at low tide.

This was a beautiful hike with beautiful views. I am new to hiking, and was able to easily do the hike. Places to rest, and even a bathroom and off leash dog park!!

trails were well maintained,very nice, as well as great interaction with other hikers and beautiful surroundings gave an all around
great vibe.
will definitely be hiking there again..

Amazing! Plenty of trails to follow and pretty easy to do! I love hiking, I recently discovered my passion for it, so exploring new parks and trials is my thing. I went in here and I had so much fun, trails are nice and quiet, so much beauty and the smell of the trees is great. There's a lot of spider webs though which is not my favorite but if you go later on the day you won't find any spider webs on the way, since I usually go around at 6:30 am.