Best Trails in Oyhut Wildlife Recreation Area

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on Damon Point State Park Tr...
1 month ago


Amazing quick hike was completely amazed that on a busy sunny Saturday the trail was actually empty I mean it seemed like were had our own island. But views were great and its a really easy pace.

on Damon Point State Park Tr...
2 months ago

awesome hike! even got to see a seal pup!

on Damon Point State Park Tr...
1 year ago

nature trips

My wife (7 mo pregnant) and I decided to finally check out Damon Point State Park. First, it's a bit confusing since this is no longer a "State Park" and is not listed on the WA Parks & Rec. website. The parking is a bit strange as you simply park across the street from a road that is marked as closed next to a VERY rundown RV park and a super creepy looking old hotel. Our trip mostly involved us walking across the spit as my wife was not up for walking the rest of the way around the point. However, that alone was pretty cool. The West shore of the spit has a much steeper drop off than out on the beach thus creating more dramatic waves. There is A TON of clam shells all over the shore. We would get excited to find a broken half of a clam shell near the jetty, however we found countless full shells on the spit. It was cool to cross over to the East (harbor) side of the spit and notice the stark difference in the waves, which were very calm and relaxing. As we finally got to the island part of the point the old road was cool and eerie at the same time. I don't know how old it is, or when the other part of it washed away, but there defiantly is ZERO signs of a road ever existing on the spit side. We will diffidently be back to complete the point soon. I highly recommend this trail if you are in the area.

on Damon Point State Park Tr...
3 years ago


Great hike. Got to see the Snowy Owl in this trip. What an amazing bird.