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Situated on the Olympic Peninsula, this park ranges from Pacific shoreline with tide pools to temperate rainforests to Mount Olympus. The glaciated Olympic Mountains overlook the Hoh Rain Forest and Quinault Rain Forest, the wettest area of the continental United States.

it was not 8.7 miles, it's about 9.2 miles, but it was awesome, make sure you get a tide table since you can't hike the beach during high tide.

Did this on 12 October. Went with a friend and carried my 15 month old on my back in a frame carrier. Talk about a workout. I used trekking poles the entire way and am glad I had them. The trail was pretty difficult in my opinion. There wasn't a time that the trail became too difficult in terms of climbing or falling, it was just a long grueling, steep hike. It took about 2 hours to get to the summit! Again, I never felt at risk, it was just a tiring hike that was pretty physically demanding! Coming down wasn't bad at all, the only part I had any worries about was coming down through the rocks but there are rock steps everywhere, just some steps are taller than others! I do not plan to complete this hike anytime soon, and I especially don't want to carry an almost 40lb pack up there! My knees are still recovering! Give it a try, its worth it to do at least once.

I am new to the area but love adventuring and checking out new hikes. Especially some that has interesting history. You have to pay attention to get to the Tubal Cain Mine Trail and it does take a while to get there, driving wise. But you can't beat the views! I only hiked to the trail that leads to the B17 crash site which can get pretty steep in some places, however, push through until you get there! Being a history buff myself, I was very motivated to reach the site and look around. As soon as I got home I looked up some information about it. I didn't have enough time to continue on the main trail to the mines, but I am definitely going back! Another tip: bring a backpack and pack extra layers of clothing like another jacket and gloves because it did get pretty chilly this late in the year. Oh and food!

Great 7 MILE hike we just did it today (10/2/16). Made it to the shelter at the top right in time for the rain. The first mile or so was very mellow then we hit the first switch back and up up from there. Took us just under 2 hrs. To make it to the top. Worth it!

Beautiful drive, beautiful visitors center. Clear trail, but not clear directions. When entering the parking lot, go in either of the first two trail entrances heading towards Klahanne Ridge. Follow that to the right for a couple miles before a junction, turn towards the right to continue on Klahanne Ridge or go straight up for a steep hike before a small scrambling section to the top of Mt. Angeles.
Super cool and something for all skill!

11 days ago

Great hike. Very comfortable walk, beautiful views

12 days ago

Cadillac of trails on Hurricane Ridge .

Achy old legs. Be sure to rest before descent, you do not want shaky legs coming down. Need to do this one on a clear day.

14 days ago

it's got some steeps but the pay off is worth it

Nice hike.

17 days ago

We had a great time. My 4 year-old was able to hike the whole thing. View from the top is great on a clear day.

17 days ago

This was a super fun and super easy walk through the rain forest. There are post along the way to educate about the foliage which was a nice touch. Bring a lunch and picnic along the Hoh River, there are lots of great spots to post up and enjoy a beautiful day and the babbling river.