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Hiked this today. Unfortunately we started late and had to turn back at 5240 ft. In order to descend before dark.
Thick snow and beautiful silence.

It was a great shorter hike for viewing larch trees in October. A little icy in parts when I was there on 10/9 so trekking poles were of help. Once you reach the ridge there are very nice views of the Cascades in every direction as you make the final push for the lookout. FR roads to the TH were in pretty good shape.

Enjoyable trail and some stunning meadows for tenting.

4 months ago

Trail to the lake is in good shape. After starting on the trail take the second right to Scatter Lake, the first right is Slate Creek. Good camping spots just off the lake shore. Lots of larch trees. If you decide to take on Abernathy Peak, it is about .8 mile scramble and another 1300 ft elevation gain. There is a faint boot path to the to the left once you reach the saddle. The views of the surrounding peaks from the top are amazing.

Great hike, however the milage is closer to 11.2 give or take, not 9.6. Rather gradual trail which would be good for kids.

Great views! Went in late August on a weekday and didn't encounter anyone else on the trail.

Steady & steep, but worth the trip!

trail running
5 months ago

My dad and I were going for a drive today, we live in Chelan and needed to get away from all the tourists! We ended up here and it was a nice overcast day. We all headed up but do to dad's hips he only made it about a mile, so the dog and I continued up past the falls a bit then turned around. Stopped at the falls, pup went swimming and I took some great pics. Ran pretty much all the way up and down, the trail was easy and a quick lil trip to some BEAUTIFUL falls. Happy Trails.

Did this on 7/6/16. Long and bumpy drive to the trailhead, but doable in any passenger car. Don't miss the overlook about 2/3 of the way up. The first 1/2 of the trail is steep, but gives nice views when not in the forest--and wild flowers! The second half of the trail is even steeper, but don't despair. The view at the lookout is amazing. As one of the few manned fire lookouts in the area, this one is normally garrisoned by Lightening Bill, but he wasn't there the day we hiked it. I hear he's a great guy to chat with.

mountain biking
6 months ago

Great ride. Starts off with around 3-4 miles of uphill forest service road, which is kind of boring but after that it's a great ride. Some great views, nice fast downhill and rolling terrain.

7 months ago

Beautiful trail that starts nice and high. We hit snow about 1/2 up the trail. Last 600-700 ft was snow trail straight up. Coming back down the snow was a little punchy from the heat but fine. Without snow this seems like a steep but totally doable hike. With snow (north facing slope) the. Route finding is needed, especially near the ridge line.

Snow free as of Memorial Day weekend. The balsamroot is a week or two past it's prime but still providing a blast of color. It's a bit of an obstacle course through the burn zone because of all the downed trees but the trail is easy to follow. Cloudy at the top so I couldn't see much but I image the view is pretty nice on a clear day.

Loved it!!

Love this

1 year ago

Nice trail, enjoyed the scenery and took some great pics. Not a good fishing lake though.

Starts high and stays high, with minimal elevation meandering. We chose this hike due to the larches, and they did not disappoint! Beautiful full groves and sparse doors of yellow in full color. The ridges of many of the N Cascades peaks keep you company the entire way. Great views, easy hike, and the trail (part of the PCT) is in great shape!

1 year ago

Hiked this trail 8/7/15. Having never been here before I was surprised by how much water was still coming over the falls since it has been so dry. The path is clear, easy to follow but the view of the falls is a bit over grown. I hiked past the falls to get in a little more hiking time.

Love this trail!

1 year ago

Camped the week at Conconully State Park and wanted to try to find this trail one of the days. It is an unmarked trail and is really just some old overgrown forest road. I am glad we did it however. I thought the trail had 2 Trail Heads and when we came to the end of the trail (easy to know, the road just stops and overlooks the valley below) our group keep looking for where it continued. We were using the record feature of the AT app and decided to follow some old cow trails around the other side of the hill back to our car. I was glad we did. From the middle of town (Main/Broadway) it was about 8.1 miles to the trail head, a small area you could park 4-5 cars on the side of the road. If you go past it there is another spot that look like it could be the trail about 1/4 mile up the road, also on the Right but stop at the first one. The road appears as though it ends after a few hundred feet, but just walk around it and the road is still there, it has been dug up to prevent motor traffic. If the weather is clear, I would suggest giving it a hike if you are in or around Conconully. I guess it's a bird watching hot spot according to