This is a short trail that is great when you have just a little bit of time to enjoy the outdoors. Wonderful viees and the return uphill climb will actually get your heart pumping a little quicker.

Small effort for huge reward. Had an hr before returning the car at the airport so we came for a quick 15 minute "hike" at the park

great place to take the dog.

I am a hard hiker but this hike was great. Amazing views of the water, lost of different ways around the trails. I couldn't do the full course but I did greatly enjoy it

Gorgeous. Not a lot of beach to walk on but had a nice time. Steep uphill on way back but doable.

It short, but beautiful and great if you want to have a picnic or just lounge on the beach for most of your day. The walk down to the beach is easy, but the hike up is a little harder. Try not to bring a lot of stuff. I'm definitely going back!

7 months ago

great hike but the beach is underwhelming.

7 months ago

More of a lazy walk than hike. Short walk pretty scenery well maintained path. Great view of Mt. Rainier. Great place for a quiet Sunday walk on a calm beach. No workout on this path.

had an amazing time. would classify it as a moderate trail depending how fit you are.

9 months ago

Been going here for year's. No fires on the beach.

trail running
1 year ago

It had nice views, but not a very good trail for running.

Nice picnic park, with some great views, but not a lot of hike.

2 years ago

This little neighborhood park has it all! You won't find miles of trails, but you will find outstanding views of the Puget Sound, enough trails and hills to get solid exercise, and a great stretch of beach to satisfy the Beachcomber in all of us.

I would not recommend going out of your way to come to this park, as we have lots of beach parks in our area. However, if you were in the area looking for some trail time or beach combing, this is a great choice.

A good mini hike to go down the beach and then back up the hill. Good small exercise and lots of fun.

2 years ago

I grew up next to this park and spent years climbing up and down these short but steep trails, the trails are so steep most people don't make the trip.