no trees no wilderness just concrete and no trail .

3 months ago

lol for one: this isn't a trail nor a hike. and two teeing to traverse Pike place market on any day other than a Tuesday morning is anything, but easy. for only advanced and daring tourists only.

6 months ago

Visited here a few times; Pike Place Market (claims to be the oldest farmer’s market in the country and the most interesting destination in Seattle) is at the Waterfront (1st Ave. and Pike St.); the stalls are deserted by 6PM so don't arrive late; it is 8 stories above the harbor on a bluff, with two ways to climb - via elevator hidden at base of the market or take the Harbor Stairs (good set of stairs with shops and gardens). Don’t miss Rachel the Pig (sit and take a picture!) - she marks the main entrance to the Main and North Arcades, which are full of fresh produce and shops. The South Arcade is the newest wing. Watch the "flying fish" at Pike Place Fish and watch out for the Monkfish. Down the street from Pike Place Fish is "the original" Starbucks - years ago this narrow space at 1912 Pike Place was the only Starbucks in the world. Be sure to notice how different the mermaid here looks compared to the official logo. Eat lunch at Etta's Seafood (prior to 3PM), park at the Pike Place Parking Garage at 1531 Western Ave. Enjoy the crowds, always something going on!

Great place, but I don't think this should be listed in AllTrails.

7 months ago

When in Seattle, you have to visit Pike's Place. A cruise ship was docked nearby and made the crowds there ridiculous. Be sure to stop by the places that throw the fish! Finding a parking place will probably be almost impossible.

Not really a hike but worth seeing!!!

A place to enjoy the water (and a view of the Olympics on clearer days) in the middle of the city.

8 months ago

More "commute" than "hike." Any exercise I get is countered by a stop to Le Paniere, which is impossible to pass by.

9 months ago

Not a hike

This is NOT a hike or a trail. It's a Farmer's Market essentially.

on Pike Place Market

1 year ago

No reviews, really? Ok folks, if you are in Seattle, do it :)

2 years ago

Touristy but awesome and fresh