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The Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest is one of the most visited forests in the country. Located on the west side of the Cascades between the Canadian border and Mt. Rainier National Park, you will find glacier-covered peaks, spectacular mountain meadows and old-growth forests rich in history and outdoor opportunities.

4 days ago

This was a really fun hike! unfortunately too snow covered to get into the cave but will definitely be returning when it clears up!

Just finished this trail, It was stunningly beautiful sadly there was to much snow and it completely covered the entrance to the cave. Because of the snow the road was also closed so we had to walk almost 3 miles just to get to the start of the trail in quite a bit of snow. With out a few feet of snow I bet this trail would be easier, in the conditions we went in I would say moderate or even hard. Still worth it and will be coming back!

Trail had 3-4ft of snow and we also had to walk 2 miles to the trail because they closed the road due to how much snow there was. But the 2miles of walking was on compacted snow. So we parked at the turnaround and walked the 2 miles. Theres so much snow on the ice caves you cannot even see where they are located. So for someone first time there you'll just end up at a mountain side covered in snow pretty much. Still was a good walk/hike. (You don't climb much elevation)

Love the cabin at the top, it's a short hike with a really great view for your efforts. Need a 4x4 to get to the trailhead.

One of my all time favourite hikes. It is an easy hike (mainly cause you drive up most of the mountain). Amazing views for an easy hike.

16 days ago

17 days ago

Did this one during the summer, it was alright but during the winter it was a different ballgame while snowshoeing.
The winter scenery of the forest and many frozen waterfalls gave this a little more appeal than during the summer. We camped out over night and the sunrise over mt shuksan was awesome. It was a fairly difficult snowshoe in deep powder the entire way. We had to snowshoe from the fork in the hannegan pass road at nooksack cirque road, which added some length to our trip. Would not recommend it as a day snowshoe trip, took a very long time through difficult terrain.

Very quick and easy hike, the whole trail and road leading to the trail was snowy and we had to hike 2.5 miles from our car to get to the trailhead. The caves were snowed in but there was a nice lake that was frozen over at the top. Great view, especially in the winter.

Beautiful place to go, defiantly recommend it! Well worth the drive

Beautiful trail, can be very busy. It's a very easy trail surrounded by views and the ice caves at the end of the trail are a must see. Please do go into the caves, its reckless and not worth your life. People have died going into the caves or even to close to the caves can be deadly. There are signs posted warning of the dangers and they mark where you should stop due to it no longer being safe past the marker. I do recommend the trail for the sights, as long as you head the warnings it is a very safe hike great for the little ones.

1 month ago

The views! And although from parking lot it looks a bit intimidating, the trail is actually fairly easy. Loved it and will do it again!

Chalk this up to a leisure 4 mile walk/ trail along the river. Awesome views of the mountain. Muddy in most spots. Dog friendly. Plenty of parking at trailhead along with restroom facilities.

Nov 15, 2016 - we arrived well prepared for anything but pulling into the trail head parking lot with no snow in sight and the rain coming down, we figured we could leave our snowshoes behind. Started in rain jackets, turned to a light snow for a few minutes and then the sun came out about halfway in and the fog disappeared! We hit snow in the last 30 minutes but hikers were sufficient and poles kept us upright when crossing the rivers and dodging icy rocks. The big river crossing was a breeze compare to when I hiked this in July. Gorgeous to see the glacier with snow all around! Took us about 1.5 hours up, same heading back down as we were a bit more cautious descending the snow section. I consider this a pretty easy hike for elevation, good one to take if you don't have time for a long day or your taking someone newer hiking (provided they are ok with the river crossing) The trail was well maintained and very easy to follow in the tree covered areas. It will be harder to see in the snowy open areas so keep this in mind! The road was in pretty good condition. My Honda Civic had no issues.

2 months ago

Beautiful alpine trail. We hiked counter-clockwise from Artist Point so we would climb the switchbacks to the saddle in the morning. Lots of rocks and exposed trail along the way but shade and cooler conditions around the lake. We hiked in August so start early while it's cool, take plenty of water and BUG SPRAY for the lakes area.
Best place for lunch is a rocky outcrop on Hayes Lake on the north side of the trail as it passes between Iceberg and Hayes lake. Shade and a breeze from the lake to keep the bugs down.