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had a great time and love the view from the road

6 days ago

I took 4 kids ages 6,7,9,16. They all made it up and back, no problem. Good beginning hike for youngsters. Trail is in great shape. Late summer is best time to see all the blooming wildflowers

A very well beaten path leads you to the glacier overview. We started the hike later in the day and still made it back before the temperature dropped too much. There are a few river crossings, the farthest of them is by far the most difficult but it looks like there are better places to cross further upstream.

Awesome hike!

Quick hike, the grade was reasonable and the glacier amazing. There is a few creek crossings that may be more difficult earlier in the summer but this time of year weren't a problem.

11 days ago

Hikes on 9/16/16 Good trail with great views.
blueberries along the trail
Parking fills up quickly at trailhead

Wonderful views with relatively small effort. The grade was not overly steep and somewhat short. Almost seems like less than 7 miles. We were extremely impressed with the scenery! This is a must do hike.

Gorgeous hike. Absolutely beautiful!

The views are spectacular. The trail was in great shape. We did the hike on a Monday and there was very little traffic.

Beautiful views from start to finish. Enough uphill to get a sweat on but a very accessible hike regardless of fitness level. Would definitely do again! We parked at heather meadows, went up the wild goose trail to artist point, and got on the trail from there.

This is an amazing hike. It's one of the nicest hikes I've ever done.

16 days ago

What a wonderful hike, the trail is so easy to follow now, very well marked. The log crossing was easy as well, and there are a few spots where you can cross to the other side without having to cross the log, and not get your feet wet. My friends and I were out there very early and had the whole trail to ourselves. The trail is very nicely maintained, there is only one small section on the other side of the river and back on the main trail where it's a short stretch of rocks. The leaves are starting to turn. It was nice to see some of the old buildings still standing. Great place for camping too. No bugs, No bees.

very easy hike for kids.

Hike is strenuous but worth it. I headed up early morning and summit was surrounded by fog, I'm sure the views are awesome when you can see them. I'll definitely do this one again later on in the morning.

it was awesome

Strenuous but rewarding.

Great hike and challenging enough to prepare for mountain climbing expeditions. Amazing views from the Meadows and from the peak