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Mount Spokane State Park is a 13,919-acre camping park in the Selkirk Mountains. The view at the top of the 5,883-foot elevation includes surrounding states and Canada. The forested park features stands of old-growth timber and granite rock outcroppings. In winter, the park receives 300 inches of snow.

Walking on a road the whole time & unfortunately lookout was closed & views were lost in fog.

love the views!

Love this trail! A beautiful view from the lookout. Was quite windy but there was a sheltered area from the wind.

Also, hiked in the morning and loved the cloud cover/fog floating through the trees.

Would highly recommend!

Great views.

2 months ago

Drove to the park today from Spokane. I'm visiting Spokane so I used Google maps to get there. It took me on a route through ID that dead ended at a locked, private logging company gate with security cameras. Reviewed routes and went in on 206, but that was blocked at the park office. The road is under construction before the 110 trailhead and they aren't allowing anyone past. They said they usually don't work saturdays, but they were that Saturday.

Met some folks that used the PowerLine from the park office to get to 110, so I took that. Very steep and off camber game(?) Trail until it intersects the 110 trail.

On the plus side, had the trails mostly to myself on a Saturday.

Hiked up to the saddle junction and then down the 401 trail. Outhouse at saddle has a broken door, but it is still serviceable. A side trail on 401 just below the saddle leads to some nice views and forks in several directions, but I didn't have time to explore much after all the driving.

Trail was in great shape. Only one large tree across it, but it was low enough to climb over. Wish I had time to get to one of the peaks, but very worthwhile.

Found this about the closure later. Wish I had known about the closure earlier.


road was closed, didn't know until we drove all the way out there.

great views year round

4 months ago

This is a nice hike. It took me about 2 hours to do a round trip hike. Weather was overcast, but the view was still pretty great. I only saw one other group on the entire trail. The trail is mostly dirt/gravel road making for an easy hike.

Started with Mt Spokane trail, starting at the Selkirk parking lot. Went to Kit Carson and then out to Day Mt and down to the road back to the cabin. Downed trees have been removed and trails were nice. passed several bikers and other hikers.

we went in April, good thing we brought snow shoes, as we got up a little bit the week started post holing.
the view from the top was awesome

11 months ago

Great snowshoeing today. trails are very well groomed. We did go the wrong way but it turned out to be a nice area where few had gone. Excited to come back and explore further soon.

Nice scenic hike, parked at the upper Mt Kit Carson trail head. Hike was about 2.5 miles up to the Summit.

1 year ago

hiked Mount Spokane today, it was about 76 degrees and the wind was blowing from the east which was nice due to our route we decided to take. My buddy and I parked at the second parking lot at around 3800 feet and instead of using the trails we walked up on Mt Spokane Park Dr until we reached the next parking lot. We wanted to appreciate the view so we decided to do our trip with this approach. We also had a map from the ranger station which was really helpful which I would recommend everyone do since it is an essential item. We then continued on Mt Spokane Park Dr heading North until we reached the ski lifts. We started the ascent heading west around 1030 from the ski lift and followed the line up the ski slopes. We followed the Hour Glass route which according to the sign is the hardest descent for skiers. We then hit the North Summit Rd and followed the hard ball until we hit trail 140 and took it to the summit. The approach from the ski slope made the trip worth it since we were on the east side of the summit and it had more of a view. Since the slopes are not maintained as often, you may have to do some bushwacking and on the spot route selection to avoid bushes and obstacles. If you do this route, bring extra sun screen and keep an eye on the weather.

Great loop trail. Not recommended for beginner hikers. Friend encountered a moose in 2013, so be on the lookout. Fabulous vistas at the peak. Enjoy!

1 year ago

One of our favorites. Saw a moose!

Mt. Kit Carson Trail proved to be a very diverse hike, overgrown with diverse wildlife, trees, and wild huckleberries. Nearer to the top, the trail forks and there is a simply stunning meadowed area that allows for good views of Spokane to the west and north. Not too difficult of a hike overall, but the distance itself still proved to be fairly tiring. Would definitely recommend. Huzzah!