Another flat paved path with beautiful scenery

We parked at the top of Dole valley road so the scenery for first 3/4 mile kind of blah. But once you are in the thick of the trees it is beautiful!

Easy meander, a great beginner hike. Really flat, pretty short, more of a park than a hike.

A nice flat stroll. Good parking with an outhouse.

Flat, long, beautiful trail along the Lewis river. Go to Moulton Falls to find.

Easy walk, great for beginners! We didn't see any "falls" where the sign said it would be, but that may have been because the water levels are pretty low right now. It looks like there are more challenging trails that branch off of the main 2.5 mile stretch, but we stuck to this trail for today. Beautiful view at the bridge! Took the dog and she loved it too.

For going for the first time, it was extremely confusing on how to get there let alone find the waterfall which we didn't get to see. Had a great time otherwise. We drove here from Salem, OR and might go back next year.

Clean, Safe and beautiful walk/hike. I loved the sound and view of water as I walked. Great for the whole family including my dog! Would recommend this for all ages and mixed abilities.

Tuff and beautiful hike. runs into logging roads that connect with multiple trails from that point. Don't go unprepared like the rookies complaining about not finding the trail and bring some form of map with you. This hike literally is a gateway to multiple-day hikes and other trails, so you can easily get lost if you go unprepared. Great trail to get to Rock Creek, Tarbell, Pyramid Rock, Silverstar Mountain, and other beautiful areas. Not a hike for the inexperienced in my opinion.

Beautiful place!! Easy to walk also.