Really nice city park that makes you forget you are in Bellevue. Great for kids and dogs on leash. Makes you realize what the landscape was like before all of the development in the area. Very flat trail that really doesn't get very muddy.

walked these loop trails on a visit from VancouverBC, great to get out in the fresh air with my stir crazy dog, Sam
beware of the slippery broadwalks!

nibe place to walk. very easy hike with almost no elevation.

Kayaking there is nice

We finished the water trail. 3.6 miles in less than 3 hours. It can be tough and tiring. But the scene is really rewarding and quiet.

Nice walking trail with abundant wildlife. The skunk cabbage is intriguing.

TONS of kids. Not sure if i just didn't do it properly but it was very uneventful. Nice for bird watching and scoping out different plant species.

Lots of different bird species all along trail and it's located in the middle of Kirkland suburbia so it provides a peaceful respite despite some of the street traffic noise. One can walk, run, or bike along most of the trail and it connects you to Juanita Beach Park which is especially beautiful in the summer.

1 year ago

This trail was very close to my Hotel in Bellevue and was a nice way to kill some time. It was a relaxing walk with historical markers along the way. I suspect it's a popular walk when Blueberries are in season!

A nice walk. Short and easy, great if you just want a little workout and don't want to drive too far

nature trips
3 years ago

Great walk for little kids. Can use a baby jogger, plenty of room. Great boardwalks, bark trails, birds, dragonflies and other little critterrs. Park at the Winters House and walk the loop that passes the Boiler House sinking in the marsh. Highly recommended if you just need to get out of the house and not have to drive out to the sticks!

Fun urban trail through wetlands and blueberry patches, Visit farmers mrkt at end.

Sooooo Many TURTLES!!!! lol just wow great simple hike was a blast. Plus they had some goats clearing out an area of blackberry? lol anyway was great. Going agian when in the area.

A nice short n easy walk in Bellevue. There are a number of interesting things to take a look at such as the old home off Bellevue way, a rotting pumphouse, the blueberry fields, a nice rhody patch, a nice bridge, some fun boardwalks, plenty of birds and a pretty good area of wetland. Mercer slough trail is a good walk for a dry winter day.