Easy walk down hill the beach. Both sandy and rocky with ocean life to explore. Hike back up hill to the parking lot is easy.

25 days ago

It was an easy hike, busy trail and not much to see during the hike until you reach the beach. Parking lot was full so had to find street parking. This is one of the hikes that I will not go to again. Id rather go to other parks where there are lots of scenic views before you reach the beach.

trail running
30 days ago

The run down is an adventure and after a contemplative scenic pause on the beach it's time to suffer back up hill. Great workout!

liked it. tough hike back

Beautiful, especially the beach areas.

Great trail for my 2 & 5 year olds. They did the whole thing with only a few pleas from the 2-year-old to carry him at the end. Beach is beautiful. Signs say the underpass is closed, but it is open and traversable for agile kids and adults.

1 month ago

2 months ago

Awesome, super kid friendly. Such a great experience!

Great, easy but not too easy beginner trail.

Great with kids. About 3 miles out and back. Downhill on the way and uphill the way back. Felt it in my calves! Nice benches and picnic tables for use also.

Perfect getaway without having to leave the area with a beautiful beach especially on sunny days.

This was a nice trail if you're looking to get into nature but not travel out of the suburbs. It's mostly downhill on the way out, and you'll find a nice beach with gorgeous views of the Sound at the end. The beach was surprisingly crowded, but it was a pleasant place to sit for a bit despite the crowd. The way back was a little rough considering it was mostly uphill, but it was short enough distance that it wasn't miserable and there are plenty of benches to sit to catch your breath. Overall, a nice way to spend your afternoon, but if you're looking for peace and solitude, maybe look elsewhere.