Well maintained, secluded trail located in Snohomish. Great hike for all skill levels. Piece of cake compared to Bridal Vail Falls. Little incline, muddy in spots. Views of ponds and lake. Enjoyed this 3.3 mile loop. Parking at trailhead along with a sani can.

There are many routes to this trail system. Plenty of options to have casual or more challenging hike...don't get lost, though :)

It is good trail to hike with kids.

Easy to get lost because there are lost of routs. Over all good trail.

Fun hike with the family.

5 months ago

We've hiked this multiple times. I like that there are many different paths to take so you can make your hike as short of long as you'd like.

I go geocaching here. Its an amazing area.

Fun with family

Once you are on the trail you have more options than just the outside loop. I loved it and 12 year old daughter did great too!

super easy hike, beautiful because it was foggy.

6 months ago

5/10/2016 (Tuesday) - Solo 3:00-5:00, 77F, sunny. The area is so big that a loop can easily become as long as over 10 miles. Trails for horses are wide, but others are crude foot paths. Fortunately, there are not many users, so it provides good solitude. Don't miss View Point 630 on the southern side of Pipeline Cutoff. Main Trail is a broadway, but too many wet and muddy sections. The woods provide cool shade on a hot sunny day. I did not have sufficient time (just 2 hours) to go down to the riverside.

This was a welcome relief from crowds after Mt. Si the previous month. There were very few people and multiple trails to pick from. As far as difficulty it was on the easy side, with wide trails most of the time. Easy elevation gains compared to many other hikes in the area. The viewpoint off of the pipeline cutoff trail is incredible. Great place to sit and enjoy lunch will looking at Mt. Rainier and the valley. Overall very relaxing and a great place to be outside when you don't want to be around swarms of people.

I really enjoyed this location, but I wish that I would have known how much variance there is between the trail maps and the actual trails. I was on the Red Barn trail, which isn't even listed on the maps and got a little freaked out when I started hearing gun shots in the not-too-distant distance. Thankfully I eventually made it back to the Main Trail, but I would highly recommend bringing a map/picture of the map at the very least. I'll be back to try out some of the other trails. I liked staying off the trails that allowed horses, as there were a LOT of poop and generally those trails were uneven and muddy.

7 months ago

Great walk in the woods. Very peaceful when we went on a Saturday afternoon. We did a 3.5 mile loop with my 9 year old niece and she had a great time.

7 months ago

Had a great time with my son!!! Nice trails and great for family fun!!

Ok. A lot horse manure on the road wasn't very pleasant.

7 months ago

Very easy and pleasant walk across the forest.

It's ok for being close by