Very nice hike. Cedar grove and absolute beauty. Nice climb.

We were there yesterday. Fall hikes are the best.

Was well worth it! One of my favorites in the area that's close and challenging :)

horseback riding
1 month ago

SOMEONE needs to give some info about horseback riding. There is an equestrian friendly parking area just up the street from the main Liberty Lake park. It is located on S. Idaho road, just past the ORV park. From there you can hit the trail that eventually meets up with the main hiking trail before it branches off again a little while later. The ride was beautiful!

More difficult last 1/3 of the hike. More a long walk before the elevation gets challenging , but awesome scenery and follows the stream with slight elevation prior. Different hike everytime as seasons change and always worth it with a great workout that won't be a chore. Don't bring kids or dogs if you want to do the entire loop. Otherwise fun for all to make it to the escalation point.

If you're expecting a long, fairly difficult hike, this is a good one. My friend & I went thinking it was going to be more of a nature walk than a hike & we were very wrong. By the end we were both counting down the miles until we got back to our car. The waterfall is pretty, but not all it's cracked up to be. I'd do it again, but definitely go into it expecting to be there for awhile.


trail running
2 months ago

Well maintained moderate difficulty trail 10 minutes from downtown liberty lake. Good trail running trail

The trail is excellently maintained, and all streams are bridged. No wet feet. There are two large parking lots at the bottom. There are also seasonal restrooms and water at the campground trail head. Roads to trail head are paved, and parking lots are easy to find. There is seasonal creeks, streams, and a couple small waterfalls.

To get to the trail, you actually walk 0.3 miles from the parking lot through a bit of a park and a campground. You cannot park right at the trail head.

There is a seasonal fee booth to enter. It is currently two dollars. You can also ask questions and get a free map from the person at the booth.

Bring a map. There are several junctions on this trail, most of them unsigned. This means you can hike further than the loop. From the top of the loop, there are trails all the way to Micah peak if you desired a long hike. You can also hike south to a trail head in Idaho. You can also branch off the loop west and get to another trail head. There are quite a few options forking off of the loop.

There are only one or two short steeper sections of the trail. Overall the grade is pleasantly moderate to easy.

Great hike! Expect to pay a few bucks to enter parking lot

I think the full loop from the parking lot is about 7.5 mi. unless they changed some things. I've ran it, hiked it and taken my kids on it. it's a great place for everyone. I've seen old/young, you will be glad you did it.

meant to be a 5 star tomorrow, sorry.

This is one of my favorite hikes has almost everything you need in a hike. I recommend it to everyone I run into. if you are new do it clockwise, trust me you will thank me.

Beautiful! Definitely a difficult hike. We did the entire 8.5 loop.

Fun hike! Lots to see. Will definitely do it again! Preferred the trail near the creek. We did the loop and I would hike to the cabin and go back the same way next time.