3 months ago

4 months ago

Beautiful trail. a good mixture of water and old growth forest.

Love this place it's so serene and beautiful! great place for walking.

great family hike for kids under 10. nice spots to stop and swim. play areas to rest at. clean restrooms. clean water fountains to refill canteens.

One of my favorite trails by home. Good hills. Well maintained. Battle Ground cross country team uses it for meets and training.

7 months ago

I love these trails. It's a great spot to go for a good run with several hill repeats or just for a nice walk on the river.

9 months ago

Very easy trail with slight increases and decreases in elevation. Not a serious hiking trail, but perfect if you want to get an easy couple miles in a beautiful setting. Family and dog friendly.

1 year ago

This is a great river walk in suburbs. A great place to get in a few quick miles

Great place for family gathering but not for hiking. If you are serious hiker like me then avoid this park.

trail running
2 years ago

Great place to take the family and spend the day. Plenty of places to sit and eat, play, fish, and wonderful trails to walk/run on.