Beautiful! Lots of waterfalls and gorgeous scenery. My kids love it here

Good little hike for after work or quick weekend walk.

10 days ago

Hiking with 5 kids from 10 years to 3 years!!! Easy enough for the little one and they all were OUT on the way home

Nice clean wide trails with some moderate inclines. Parking is limited and there are many tables to have a picnic.

trail running
21 days ago

It was kinda hard to follow the trails. Got turned around a couple times. Other than that, I found it to be pretty swell. Definitely will go back

1 month ago

Great hike for beginners, but worth the hike for anyone and everyone. We made it more of a challenge and followed the creek downstream off of the path. Pretty cool sights right along the creek. Started from the dam and went all the way to the first waterfall. Then took the trail to the lower fall.

rating is for the information listed. The map and directions are to Lacamas Creek trail in Camas while the pics and location (Mt Angel) suggest this is Silver Falls State Park (even though silver falls is close to Mt Angel but not in Mt Angel).

This not Woodburn loop