rating is for the information listed. The map and directions are to Lacamas Creek trail in Camas while the pics and location (Mt Angel) suggest this is Silver Falls State Park (even though silver falls is close to Mt Angel but not in Mt Angel).

This not Woodburn loop

on Round Lake Trail

28 days ago

Very nice trails ! Took the lower trail down to the falls.

29 days ago

Beautiful terrain, great streams & small falls.

beautiful place. amazing to be able to go behind the waterfalls and it's also a great area for berries. biking and lots of trails are available. I'd recommend it for anyone! a lodge is also there with food and a cafe and a campground is very close.

1 month ago

Lovely hike with many places to stop and get a good view. Easy walking on wide, well-maintained paths. It's nice because you can go on either a short, or longer hike. The pup loved it!

Take the lower falls trail. The scenery is amazing for a trail that's in the middle of town. You'll think you're hiking along a mountain stream.

2 months ago

This trail is walkable from my house, so it's my go-to. I like to head in with my hammock and snacks and spend the day finding great spots for reading, meditating, and enjoying the beautiful scenes. I mostly like to stick to the side trails to get the feel of a more difficult hike. You can find a few trickier paths off the main trails. I'm new to the area, so this is the first trail up here that I've hit.

2 months ago

Really pretty short hike (or long if you prefer). Saw lots of folks on their bikes!

This was the first trail I've hiked since moving to Vancouver from Colorado. It's not the most impressive trail, and there are a lot of people, but for what it is, it does have some nice sights and incline/declines. It's a good, close to home, short and refreshing stroll.

best viewing trail

theres a hidden waterfall we camped at we saw nobody but it was difficult to scale into the canyon even with rope

Amazingly beautiful!