Illahee State Park is a 75-acre marine camping park with 1,785 feet of saltwater frontage on Port Orchard Bay. "Illahee" means "earth" or "country" in the Indian tradition, and views of Puget Sound from the Illahee beach give the viewer a sense of what that word meant to native people. The park has plenty of parking space, lots of fresh air, facilities for a number of outdoor activities and access to a variety of water sports.

Walked this trail looking for photo opportunities. Very scenic! Parts of it are moderate and NOT easy. I enjoyed it.

Lots of shade on a hot summer day. Easy hills.

This map track is for Illahee Preserve, which is a separate park from Illahee State Campground and is maintained by Kitsap County. It is considerably longer than 1.5 miles if you do the entire loop. There are many cross trails marked by numbered trail markers. There are also multiple access points. Consult the park website for a detailed map of all trails, parking and entrances.

It is beautifully forested throughout and moderately hilly. Some of the trails are covered with mulched wood. The rest are bare dirt or fallen leaves and needles. Use caution when wet, as the hilly areas can be a bit slippery.

Take the trail to the water on the first left! The beach is isolated and quiet -- such a rewarding scene. Beware of the slope on the way back!

This is a great trail in all kinds of weather! Well groomed trails with direction choices to keep it interesting. You have short or long trail choices,

trail running
4 months ago

Awesome trails; great place to clear your mind after a long day of work.

Nice and easy walk. That was beautiful. I will take my dog there next time.

I followed the directions and visited Illahee preserve trails, instead of going to state park.
Nice little up-hills and down-hills. Beautiful and quiet woods. When I was walking on Hall of Cedars loop, I felt I lost sight of trail a few times.

7 months ago

Easy hike for Grampa who has a bad knee and for everyone else in the family ranging from 12 years old and up.

Directions are to Illahee Preserve. Very nice hilly paths through wooded area, peaceful and quiet. Noticed a sign posted after our walk about a dog attack on 5/3/16 where a dog and it's owner were hurt, the author stated they'd never had anything like that happen before.

It was a nice trail. It can be challenging to walk the trails after a fresh rain with layers of wet leaves on the ground because they are disgusting a lot of tree roots, careful they come out of nowhere right as you're admiring nature haha. There are stairs on some areas which I personally like because it forces you to mix up your workout a little and use muscles you normally wouldn't because the stairs aren't very even, beautiful scenery too.

on Gazzam Lake Park Trail

1 year ago

Beautiful scenery, great for the whole family. Overall: Fantastic!

1 year ago

Nice little climb from the beach.

If i am outside it is far better than the alternative. Great hike different than East coast hike. Really enjoyed it.

Finding the trailhead was a challenge. This is the address on the sign and has a good gps fix: 6105 NE Marshall Rd, Bainbridge Island, WA. This trail offers a main and secondary options. The secondary trail leading to the beach is less than a mile but very steep. My wife, puppy and I managed this with ease. Great short hike.

Pretty, mellow. Lovely for a morning walk.