we kindly lost in the trail, but find our way out. no sign anywhere.

Nice hike, but very confusing even following the trail app. map...Depending on which side of the Gulch you hike you'll get a better work out if you enter at the dog park (West side of the Gulch) We actually followed the wrong trail which added another mile to this hike. Well maintained, enough parking, dog friendly, peaceful stream with small waterfall. Great for all skill levels.

Very short trail but nice if you have kiddos.

Trail is not marked at all. So many trails intersecting. If you have unlimited time to explore this is an ok trail. However if you have some time constraints i do not recommend this trail.

You can easily get lost, it's not an actual loop, but you can easily find your way back too. It was fun finding my way back. I ran most, walked some when the trails got narrow. Very peaceful, I saw 3 other people my entire time there on the trails (2 hours). I'll definitely be back for a nice weekday night.

You could easily get lost in these trails. We walked along the railroads to the top and tried to cut over to the trail, but kept going down paths that ended it seemed. Otherwise beautiful place and we only saw 4 other people the whole time. Very dog friendly

Fun for the kids not very difficult

Good trail for a quick, but good workout just steps away from city life! When at the top you get a great view of the piglet sound. Throughout the hike you hear the little stream down below! Like I said great workout! Lots of ups!

As others said, this is a confusing trail. It is beautiful and a good hike, close to home which was nice.

7 months ago

Very confusing trails, but it feels secluded in the forest.

It's a short nice trail, loved starting at the beach and going up the trail, or can go on a nice beach walk. perfect for a lunch break hike to clear your head from the grind.

7 months ago

No signage whatsoever...so happy to see our vehicle when we got back because you have no idea where you are once you enter the trail above the RR tracks. Pretty but not a ton to see. We probably won't do it again.

Simple trail, not difficult and little to see imho

This is a simple trail but not as lush and beautiful as others I have been on. At the half way mark where the trail turns to go back around, it gets confusing as to where to go. Once I found it, it was beautiful the rest of the way! If you have a off road bike, a definite yes!

Well. We call it the Japanese Maze. Lol it would really be nice if there was signs. We made it though.

10 months ago

Great! Nice long loop with decent hills and easy to follow trails for the most part. Over by the Boeing plant there is a bunch of garbage and tires in the stream was the only down side.

10 months ago

Pretty hike, but really needs signage.

Nice easy hike. Great for dogs