1 month ago

A pleasant location to get out and see nature. Easily accessible for all. I encountered young children, elderly, and wheelchair bound explorers on the main trails around the ponds. During the months of November and December follow the signs to watch the Salmon Spawning in the McLane Creek. The weather isn't always the best for hiking at this time of year, but to see the salmon makes it worth the discomfort.

Great for kids and dogs. Not to far from Olympia. Need parking pass.

nature trips
3 months ago

Beautiful, especially with the fall leaves on a perfect fall day.

I love to take my dogs here. There's so much wild life including Turtle's,beavers and birds all over

trail running
7 months ago

Great moderate to hard hills to run. Still cool under the tree cover at noon.

Love this area. Wildlife, easy walk, salmon spawn in November, leashed dogs welcome, great for kids, outhouse available, covered picnic area at entrance to trail. Must have discover pass or pay to park.

What a waste of a drive!!

9 months ago

10 months ago

on McLane Creek Woods Trail

1 year ago

1 year ago

Mclane Creek is a wonderful place, if it weren't for the unruly people who let their dogs roam off leash. Every time I have visited, I witness dogs chasing wildlife, and three times I was startled by dogs racing around a bend and barking and lunging at me. I have had filthy dogs rub against me, making my clothes gross and dirty, and have gotten sprayed with swamp water that the dogs get soaked in as their owners let the chase ducks and baby geese into the water. The owners are callous and often either rude, or act like their dog is the grand exception to every rule.

It is really sad that this Habitat Reserve is open to dogs at all, but it wouldn't be so bad if folks obeyed the leash law in the park. But 100% of the time, we encounter these awful dog owners that believe the rules apply to all dogs but theirs.

Because of this, we rarely go any more. When the people and their off leash dogs are exceptionally active, there is no wildlife to see anyhow, because they are hiding from the dogs and their jerkish owners.

When you get a few dozen people who genuinely think their dog is too good to be on a leash, you wind up with dozens of unruly and irritating encounters. That is Mclane Creek.