love this hike it is an intense work out. if you have asthma(like me)a big warning bring your inhaler. it's an amazing hike but it is very hard on the lungs. the view at the top is extremely worth it

Very nice view for such a short hike! We went in the late fall and it was already nice and blustery cold at the top. There are some fun mountain roads in the area if you like to jeep. I would say the hike is appropriately ranked as moderate- but it can be a bit more difficult in the rain. It was a fun scramble up to the top...we'll probably go again but with better weather..

4 months ago

Achy legs and slippery when wet.

Super reward at the top. Well kept trail.

Awesome views

5 months ago

I've done the Lake Christine Trail several times and decided to come in from the other direction (never done the 267). Started out at #267 TH and went right to the 249/248 junction and followed 249 to Lake Christine. This trail is listed as moderate but actually is somewhere between moderate and easy. The trail is well marked and easy to follow. To get to the TH follow FS59 to the top of the ridge (beautiful view of Mt Rainier) and follow it around the bluff to the right to the end, TH is on right and well marked, if you turn right before the bluff you will encounter a road that has numerous washouts and will challenge any high clearance/4WD vehicles, anything else will get stuck. I have always loved this area for it's beauty and solitude. During warm weather you need bug juice, but today the temp was high 30's to mid 40's, so very few bugs.

Awesome views from the lookout

Great incline and beautiful surprise at the lookout.

I went on 8-16-16. You must pick a day where it is going to be sunny or it's not worth the long drive. The directions of WA trails website make it easy to find. One tip.,, when you get ready to turn on 84 country road it is marked with an orange snow pole. The road comes right after you see the road with a closed gate. Another tip... Track your mileage as you turn on the last roads. What is listed on the WA site is completely correct, which helped make sure you didn't miss turn off. All the posts are correct to say that the last 9 miles to the trailhead are tough and slow due to potholes. The trail was well marked and easy to navigate. The view makes it worth it. If I made time I would have done Cora Lake. It's along the same road 84, just different turn off. Go early on nice days.