Always forward, Never back!

Didn't really have a plan when I set out. I ended up doing several long hills. Really had to push myself going up the last 2 hills behind Pierce College. It was hard to stop thinking about how tired I was and how I just wanted to stop for a few seconds. But I kept pushing, putting one foot in front of the other and made it to the top. Than I stopped for a moment to wipe my brow with my shirt.

The perseverance of hiking and continuing to push when tired can help grow that perseverance into the rest of your life for when things get difficult. Few things I keep repeating to myself if I need motivation is "Don't stop", "Forward" or "Always Forward", which is a longer version of something else I thought of "Always forward never back"

Rainy but still great hike. Used my umbrella most of the time. But going through the woods I had to close it a few times due to brush and thorns, so that slowed me down a bit.

4 months ago

Breezy and shade along the way makes a great hike.

Awesome hike cool and breezy

Good hike. Kinda warm and occasionally breezy.

5 months ago

Right by my apartment complex :D I go walking here almost every weekend. It's really nice and the trails aren't overwhelming.

Easy trail with nice views all around.

Great hike but wow am I exhausted! Glad I wore shorts and that it is also a cool day and breezy at times.

The lake was so beautiful! Easy hike if you just wanna get out but not do anything too hard

I bought The North Face Surge backpack for a day/hiking pack. It works really well and is comfortable. Wish I would've used my trekking poles it would have made the steep hills easier with a 25lb backpack and climbing over unexpected logs. Really wish I had the trekking poles going down cause the hill was kinda steep and another large unexpected log. I faced my "fear" and took my time so I wouldn't slip or trip over anything and I made it down safely. A bit sunny but also cool and a good wind blowing and it feels soooo good after sweating with a backpack on my back.

Long hike in this heat thats why I tried to stay in the woods more. But than decided to take a more developed trail near the lake. Picked a lot of blackberries and a few huckleberries in the woods. Also saw a few salmon berries but I don't really like those so I left them. There are many other berries that grow here too that are not edible for humans. Before you eat any berries know what they are first. Some berries can make you sick or even be deadly.

Kinda warm but a little breezy. Longer hike than I thought I would do but I made it around the lake. Found a few trails I hadn't hiked yet. Also picked some blackberries along the way.

A little humid but still a great hike and a little blackberry picking.

Great hike even though it's a bit warm and humid. Found a few sun ripened blackberries and were sooo good! There's a lot of blackberries in the grasslands behind Pierce College. They ripen late August early September depending on how much sun they get. The more sun blackberries get the sweeter they are. Many years ago I pick a huge bowl full for a blackberry pie.