Kid and family friendly. Takes you down to the ever majestic Snoqualmie Falls. Nothing beats seeing the falls up close.

As a trail it's nothing special. But as a waterfall/Twin Peaks Lover you will have a great time.

Loved it! Hubby & I are beginner hikers and this was a nice short yet challenging start for us. It was pretty steep, but it was so short that it was over before we knew it. We checked out the river portion of the bottom of the hike & the rocks were fun to skip around. Then we checked out the boardwalk to the falls view at the river level and it was really nice and beautiful.

The falls are impressive. The hike less so. Wide, groomed and well traveled, it winds downhill to the river, then returns the same way - back up the hill. Nice, informative signs along the way about local flora and fauna.
Nice bathrooms, gift shop and food available. More of a sightseeing experience than hiking.

fun stop with the kiddos

1 month ago

Steep short hike, about 1.5 miles round trip. Very wide easy path to follow. It's a quick hike down, but a major calf burner on the way up. There's lot of good signage explaining the different plant and tree species you'll see also gives info on the history of the falls and environs.

For those less interested in the steep hike, there's a parking lot down below for easier access to the river.

Please remember to pack your trash people, there's lots of litter below the boardwalk down at the bottom.

I hiked from the northern viewpoint to the southern viewpoint. The southern viewpoint, in my opinion, is a better view of the waterfall. It was beautiful. The hike up wasn't challenging for me but if you are out of shape, it will be. I saw many people taking lots of breaks so be aware that this is not for everyone. My profile picture was taken at the bottom viewpoint.

I took my 7 & 4 year old today. We don't hike much and it was pretty steep but short. My girls and I did it fine. We now can't wait to find more places to go!!!

Beautiful ⭐️ steep hike down to Boardwalk or river access. I remember hiking this before the boardwalk as a kid. There is a south parking lot.

2 months ago

Nice wide steep trail good for all. There is a parking lot at bottom of trail with access to river trail good for those unable to make the hike.

Path is easy to follow but extremely steep. The falls are exceptionally beautiful.

2 months ago

Although this trail is rated as easy, the grade of the trail in places can be challenging depending on your fitness level. This trail is popular and can be very busy, especially at the end near the falls. However, the view of the falls is stunning and the forest is incredibly beautiful. Recommended!

Extremely busy even on a Tuesday afternoon. Not what I was expecting.. Wouldn't consider this a "hike"...

Massively busy. Would suggest going a weekday morning. This is not a hike. Just a small walk to a viewpoint. There is a longer trail to a lower viewpoint but it was too busy for my preference. Falls are beautiful though.

3 months ago