trail running
5 days ago

Great dirt trail system between the Watershed and Redmond Ridge; encompassing over 15 miles and 1200 acres. Keep your ears and eyes open for bears in the spring and summer months.

It's a good trail in the heart of Redmond. Family friendly trail. I have done this couple of times with my 3 and 6 year old.

it was great

Nice hike for all skill levels. Very well maintained trail with several other trails leading off of main trail. Nice restroom facilities at trailhead (South entrance). Mile markers marking the trail. Watch for horse poop, quite a lot on the trail. Small pond with viewing area.

3 months ago

I brought my 2 service dogs and it was great!!!

Pretty trail, very well maintained. Watch for horse poop!

Nice easy trail.

6/2/2016 (Thursday) - These two adjacent community parks are good for 1-2 hours' walk, with well-maintained trails in the cool forest. PSE Powerline Trail also stretches to these two marks. Farrel-McWhirter is larger, much more interesting, features a lot of facilities, paved roads and parking lots. In its center, there are stables, and many small-sized horses for kids. There are also lawns and playgrounds.

4/5/2015 (Tuesday) -- Pleasant easy walk in the woods with multiple loops to choose, light traffic, enjoyable solitude. In addition to a larger parking lot on the southern end as the map shows, there is also a small parking lot on the northern end (218th Ave NE), which the map does not show.

Nicely maintained wooded trails. Share the trails with bikes and horses. No dogs allowed. We were there on a quiet weekday, but I would imagine it can be pretty busy on the weekend.

1 year ago

Lovely easy trail for beginners like me. Features few elevation gain, wide and well maintained wood trails.
Because it is a nature preserve, pets aren't allowed. However, I crossed paths with a couple of hikers with dogs - apparently didn't realise of this restriction. Not sure how it is enforced.

Beautifically groomed, quiet horse trail, 15 miles of great jogging, partially hidden, sometimes close to larger obscure homes. Great for a run if you need to stay close to home and wifi for those on call.

Great easy hike. I hiked the trail halfway with my toddler. It was safe for him (3yo) to hike on his own.