The Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site recently reopened after renovations. The site is open Friday - Sunday, from 9 AM to 5 PM, closed from noon to 1 PM for lunch. Some of Poe's happiest and most productive years were spent in Philadelphia. Don't miss the opportunity to descend to the basement to see Poe's inspiration for The Black Cat. Explore the exhibits to learn about Poe's life as well as his continued literary influence.

Beautiful! Short and sweet.

The weather wasn't the best, but the views were still amazing as we ascended the bluff from the beach at Ebey's Landing. We had heard that Orcas had been spotted off the Landing a few days prior but unfortunately we didn't spot any while we were there.

decent hike as far as beach trails go.. more of a walk really. climbs are few and far between. I was a little bored because I'm more of a mountain hiker but won't leave any stars out because of my personal preference. If you have a partner like mine that needs to be reachable by phone at all times, you won't ever lose 4G on this trail. not many people were here on a Sunday in October. great sunset hike.

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24 days ago

Just lovely

Beautiful! Long empty beach walks

Wonderful views of the Rosario Straight and the Olympics Mountains in the distance. Very peaceful. A Naval Submarine past by during our walk.

5 months ago

gorgeous hike with amazing views

5 months ago

wonderfull.arrived at noon,very foggy but beatiful.when back the fog went out

This should be easy hike for most anyone. The grade / climb is not difficult and the length makes it very convenient. The views of the sound are great from this trail which runs along the bluff above Ebey's Landing. My GPS said the distance was closer to 3.8 miles (and a bit) than the 3.5 miles advertised. We hiked this trail on a pretty warm day and our dog was a little uncomfortable on the hot sand which covers most of the trail for its entire length. The trail has some spots with steep drops (careful please) and does get narrow (single file only) going down the switchbacks towards the beach.

Pro: the trail is very easy, good for dogs on leash, and it is peaceful. Cons: a lot of dog poop. Please, people, pick up after your dogs! In addition, there's one part of the trail that is very close to a cliff -about a 100-foot drop. If you have children, please be very careful. Overall, it was the easiest hike I've ever done in my life.

It was a great hike, definitely great work-out in some areas. The view is amazing all around, I took my kids who are 6 & 7 & my 7 month old Labrador. Water on this hike is definitely needed for both kids and animals. We saw amazing view of the American Eagle sitting in the tree. Great spots for photos if your in to that stuff. Watch your step and stay on trail. My son encountered a snake as we walked by, normal nothing to be alarmed. On a beautiful day I definitely recommend!!!! We would do it again.

Great evening hike. Windy but amazing views. Next time would walk back up the bluff

Beautiful hike! The views of the sound and the Olympics are amazing.

1 year ago

1 year ago

The loop is very nice on a decent day. A few steep parts but for the average hiker this will seem like a cakewalk. I recommend getting out there and seeing the view from the ridge at least once!