Dosewallips State Park is a 425-acre, year-round camping park with 5,500 feet of saltwater shoreline on Hood Canal and 5,400 feet of freshwater shoreline on either side of the Dosewallips River. The park is unique in that it offers both freshwater and saltwater activities. All camp areas are grassy and located in scenic, rustic settings.

Great loop. Beautiful. Not too difficult. Did it on the pouring rain was still great.

Nice trail to hidden pond I was geocaching and found this place

Beautiful trail, will definitely be back

Excellent 8 hour round trip to a beautiful perch to view the Olympics.

Great hike

Great trail. I took a 6&7 year old. They loved it. took about two hours.

6 months ago

Great trail, but all the falls were dry. Still worth the effort.

on Mount Jupiter Trail

8 months ago

Tough but worth the views. It's actually 14.4 miles. Make sure to check if logging road gate will be open (usually is after May 1st). Otherwise add 5 miles to your hike.

did the steam donkey loop as well two 7 yr Olds and a 3 yr had I it no problem great for kids n u ce camp ground and jump point

Awesome for mountain biking to campground. That makes this trail a great jumping off point for hikes into the Olympic National Park.

Cool trail close to Kitsap county. The trail is not maintained and at first glance the real trail head is next to the sign and goes to the right its very tiny at the start we didn't notice it right away and we wasted about an hour or so so look out for that. We went on October 25th 2015. The entrance was closed due to hunting season so it adds a mile and half to the trail which wasn't bad. There aren't any toilets so come prepared, lots of water. Would go again watch out for loose gravel and there's a lot of fallen trees in certain areas would go back.

My boys (4 and 5 years old) have three criteria they want in a trail: Trees, bridges, and waterfalls. We went in early September and this trail had two of the three, with signs of the third. With the extreme dryness we had this summer, there was very little water to be found. Other then that, this trail was great and we look forward to doing it again!

We camped here for Father's Day Weekend, Fri - Sun.
Pros: amazing showers, clean facilities, friendly park rangers, firewood available, spaces are reservable, located near plenty of outdoor fun.
Cons: some sites very close to each other, lots of gravel to sleep on, on a noticeable slope, could hear Hwy 101 from our campsite 24 hours a day. This included the semis at 3:00 a.m. I've never seen a campground this noisy.
Recommendations: try to reserve a space in the 80's. We were in the 50's, and those are all near the road. We walked around and found the 80's have BEAUTIFUL views of the water, and we didn't really hear the road noise from there. Also, expect it to be colder than the forecasted weather - you're near the water! If you can't get a space in the 80's, consider bringing some ear plugs.
Yes, we would go back to this campground, but only if we get get one of the better sites. Otherwise, we may check out some of the other campgrounds in the area.
Happy Trails!

Nice and mostly level hike along the river... we went 15 miles and could have kept going!

Nice, short little hike that has great views of the Dosewallips River and several small waterfalls. Saw plenty of wildlife, great stop a day trip to the Olympics.

This was a nice, easy hike. It's rated as moderate and estimated to be a 3-hour hike. However, we found it to be fairly easy--not a lot of treacherous terrain or terribly steep grades considering the location. Also, we made the hike in about 90 minutes. Really pretty views of the waterfall, Dosewallips River, and forest. Our dogs enjoyed the hike as well. We went on a Saturday in late January. The weather was nice and we only saw a couple of other hikers the whole day.

Very very hard hike. Need overnight to complete. We are going back so we can summit!! Got locked in cause logging so need verison phone !! No AT&T signal!!!!