Could be described as more of a trashed city park near the Appleway trailhead than a nature hike. The times that I've hiked around have been on the loops to the east of the nature area, where it connects with the 8th Street trailhead. This seems to be where there are usually transients and a lot of trash. I haven't taken the trail through the lodge that seems to venture more south.

Some parts of the trails are easy to make out but it's not a well groomed trail for, what I would consider, to be casual walking. I'm more of a "make my own trail" person, so the lack of groomed pathways doesn't bother me. It's not so bad that you couldn't find your way out again, especially being near a busy arterial.

We hike and trail run here all the time. One of my favorite trails in the area.

Very pretty out! We enjoyed these trails and they're well maintained.

Very pretty trail! We loved it and really enjoyed the views.

23 days ago

Great hike! Beautiful fall colors!

on Rocks of Sharon Trail

26 days ago

Beautiful hike today.
The leaves are changing and it's so pretty! First time here. Can't wait to do it in the snow.

Only giving this a one star because it says it closes in November but I went there today and it was closed. Today is 9/20/2016. Just to give people a heads up.

Great hike. Be sure to wear tennis or hiking shoes for the incline. Beautiful views!

The views at the top were amazing!

trail running
1 month ago

Typical 5 mile moderate hike

Going counterclockwise from the north trail head, the west side is the first half of the loop. It is mostly shaded, goes past a few seasonal trickle creeks, and varies between easy and moderate grade. It is well maintained and there are plenty of trail signs at junctions.

Near the top is big rock, and a trail down to the south trail head. If you are doing the loop, do not take this trail.

There are also a few side trails near the top. They go off to cell towers, tv stations, other ridges, etc. Most of these do not loop back so if you take them, expect to eventually backtrack to the main trail to get home.

The east side of the counterclockwise loop would be going downhill, it has little shade. Walking downhill here gives the best views of the serene Spokane Valley to the north. You feel like you are on top of a ridge, which you are.

This trail is heavily used by walkers, hikers, bikers and runners. It is well maintained and easy to follow. It is approximately 15 minutes from the I-90 freeway.

This is a wonderful trail that has a lot of wide open space for dogs to run and play. It is recommended that you stick close to the trail so you don't wander on to someone's property. There is very little parking on the side on the road where the road dead ends.

1 month ago

Please note that this is my personal opinion and I don't intend to offend anyone as I know people all like different things, and I respect that. This hike was not what we expected, at all. It's literally right across the street from the Appleway Toyota dealership, the parking lot is across from the Appleway car lot. Prior to our arrival, we were under the impression that the hiking area would be located deeper into nature and not so close to the busy road, we were mistaken. Just a couple of things I would like to mention, especially if you have children, or you're hiking alone, there was a multitude of homeless people hanging out in different sections of the hiking area, and one person actually had a tent set up and everything. Just error on the side of caution, as you never know what people are capable of, and this area would make a great location for a hide out. Next thing, if you're taking your dog, or kids, be careful, we came across quite a substantive amount of broken glass, additionally you will find quite a bit of litter as well. The trails are not clearly marked, the trails we went on were actually pretty "steep" both going up and down, so this wouldn't be a good hike for someone with joint problems or if you're simply out of shape, as most of our hike was incline....granted I think we ventured off the beaten path multiple times, due to the trails not being clearly marked, and we came across an area in which appeared to be somebodies residence. In any case the route we went had a lot of incline hiking and also going down steep rocky areas. This leads me to my next point, we hiked down to a lower point between large rocks, it was quite pretty. However, I noticed a sign that had fallen down saying "beware of rattlesnakes," or something along those lines, and we thought this was very weird but in that area we saw a pair of little boys underwear on the ground, that was really the only secluded area of this hike so we found that unsettling and odd, as I think a lot of people would. There was also graffiti on the large rocks. If you like seclusion or solidarity during your hikes, this is NOT the location for you, unless of course you're used to the big city life, this may appear to be quite calm. When we got to one of the highest points, we did not have that sense of accomplishment or that beautiful view that you hope for when hiking, rather we saw the cars, we saw all the car dealerships and what not. You'll run into quite a bit of people as well. I think we came across only one dog who had a harness on, the other dogs we saw had no leash on or anything, so this is also something to watch out for. This was definitely not what we expected, I am able to find the beauty in nearly everything and there are some pretty parts to this "hike," but it's not at all secluded, tranquil, etc. I suppose if you wanted a quick dose of nature, this trail would suffice, however this is not for those people who want that nature hiking experience. I hope this helps some of you, I will also try to post some of the pictures I managed to take.

Took my 6yo and my dog loved it well maintained trails