I love this trail it is the best trail ever

It's a nice trail for beginners. it's a clear path with nice visuals of nature. the only downside is the water treatment plant that get a bit smelly. other then that it's a nice clean and friendly trail.

If you start down by the water, the hike is a good moderate uphill trek. Only downfall for me was the water treatment plant around mile 1. Kinda smelly and gross while you're trying to breathe and legitimately exercise. Other than that, it's a decent paved trail with a lot of people.

mountain biking
7 months ago

It's ok for a beginner like me

Too many people for my liking. I prefer solitude while hiking!

Nice walk, good exercise, sounds of the creek are relaxing. Only complaint is no honey buckets at the north trail head. 4 miles is a long way with no restroom when hiking with kids.

Enjoyable walk/hike through the lush greenery and near the creek.

road biking
11 months ago

road biking
1 year ago

The trail was fun easy going mostly down hill. Coming back wasn't as smooth. its not quite 3 miles. Kinda a busy trail system. Lots of people walking and skateboarders... But a enjoyable ride.

I have to say, the description of this trail is off a bit. First of all its not a six mile trail. It is a 3 mile paved trail that you can go out and back on to make into 6 miles if you want to. It is open to walking, running and biking all the same. If you walk or run the trail, I recommend staying on the right hand side as bikers tend to go through this trail at a pretty good clip. Second, the singletrack mountain biking trails on the north end of the park (more than 4 miles in my estimation) twist and turn and cross in so many places I've turned this into a 13 mile hike myself. What I'm saying is, there is lots of room to customize this system of trails to whatever kind of activity or workout you want. Keep in mind, if you plan to use the mountain biking trails there are no maps to help you. Furthermore, there are also no signs anywhere in the trail system. I would not let that scare you off, just leave yourself extra time to explore.

mountain biking
4 years ago

Although not a lot of miles, the single track trails make for a good, short workout when you are tight on time.